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Pause: New Invention Blocks Wi-Fi And Incoming Smartphone Communication

New device allows you to block communication so you can appreciate some down time with family and friends. Here's how the Pause works ...

pexels-photo-106936-1Pause, the innovative new invention designed to encourage phone-free time routines to improve the quality of time spent at home and in the workplace, launches today.

Pause blocks smartphone distractions, literally. The stylish box serves as a designated spot to check-in up to six phones during meetings at the office or quality family time at home. Pause blocks Wi-Fi signals and any incoming calls, text messages or emails. By being constantly present, whether on your coffee table or in the conference room, Pause provides a constant reminder to “just put your phones away” and applies the “out of sight, out of mind” principle to remove the temptation of peeking at email or social media when focus is needed elsewhere.

“With today’s hectic lifestyle, people are constantly on the go – and constantly on their cell phones,” said Ori Levin, Co-founder and CEO of Pause. “The distraction has seeped into all aspects of our lives and there is a real need to reconnect and focus on the present.”

In fact, 62 percent of kids feel like their parents are distracted or focused on other things when they’re trying to talk to them. The main culprit being cell phones. Moreover, 47 percent of workers say that their biggest problem in meetings is that other participants aren’t paying attention. Putting phones away during meetings leads to increased productivity and attentiveness.

“Smartphones have done wonders to enhance our lives both personally and professionally, but we could all benefit from taking a pause once-in-a-while to spend time with those who matter most,” said Yuval Lazi, coounder of Pause. “Unfortunately, this is becoming harder and harder to do and so we created Pause as a tool to help people disconnect. Using Pause is about intent, commitment and simplicity for the whole family.”

Lazi came up with the idea for Pause with his wife, Lidar Gravé-Lazi, when their three-year-old son surprised them at dinner and asked them to put down their phones to engage with him. A light bulb went off as they decided not only to set better boundaries with mobile devices themselves, but to provide a solution for other families looking to shift focus back to what’s really important.

Pause is available through Indiegogo for $40 starting today.

About Pause:

Pause is an invention that blocks smartphone distractions, allowing users to improve the quality of time spent at home and in the workplace.  Pause blocks Wi-Fi signals and any incoming calls, text messages or emails. The stylish box holds up to six phones and blends with home and office décor. For more information on Pause visit or see their video.

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