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New Tech Tool Amplement Aims To Replace Slack, Skype And LinkedIn All At Once

Amplement is a free single-page application that combines the best features of Slack, Skype, Google Docs, LinkedIn and more. Check it out!

New Tech Tool Amplement Aims To Replace Slack, Skype And LinkedIn All At Once - Lioness MagazineAmplement is a free single-page application with the passive chat channels of Slack, the conferencing features of Skype, the document collaboration of Google Docs, the career management, networking and recruitment tools of LinkedIn, the news feeds of social media sites and more.

This means every form of internal communication can be done from one place, with one profile that spans every project, every department, and even every job.

“Collaboration tools themselves may be a crowded market. But we’re condensing the platforms out there, rather than adding yet another one to the mix,” Adrien Sommier, Amplement’s founder and CEO, said. “And 700 new users a day shows we’ve tackled a nasty pain point.”

Being a “single-page application” means that it runs in any browser on a single tab, but updates itself in real-time as if it were a program you installed. The homepage shows all your contacts and groups alongside your own profile and newsfeed. From there, you can switch between conversations and start new ones, and search for new users to connect with.

Amplement already allows for file sharing, and will soon have tools for authoring documents as well, removing the need for Microsoft Office or Google Docs. With all the other collaboration tools in place, inviting others to collaborate and communicating on the process will be seamless.

LinkedIn-style job searches and recruitment tools are already live in Europe and will soon be added to Amplement in the United States. Because Amplement profiles are the same for both your career management and internal workflow, employers can move a new hire straight into their workflow groups via the profile they had already been working with.

Amplement is free. It has been growing in France and officially launched in the United States today.

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