New Podcast For Female Entrepreneurs: On Behalf Of All Women

Lioness Magazine today launched a new podcast for female entrepreneurs titled, “On Behalf of All Women.” Co-hosted by Lioness cofounders Dawn Leaks and Natasha Zena, “On Behalf of All Women” takes listeners into the world of female entrepreneurs.

You’ll hear the candid, irritating and hilarious commentaries of two startup founders navigating their way through entrepreneurship. Told through a mix of intimate conversations and offbeat interviews with heart featuring some of today’s leading female entrepreneurs, “On Behalf of All Women” brings you behind the scenes of what it’s really like to be a female entrepreneur launching a startup.

Episode #1

In this introductory episode, Dawn and Natasha talk about how a conversation at Natasha’s apartment led to Dawn becoming Lioness’s CEO. Want a break down of this episode’s awesomeness?

  • (6:30) Natasha asks Dawn to leave her successful coaching practice to come run Lioness. Why her response shocked Natasha.
  • (15:13) How today’s entrepreneur has a thin line to walk when sharing their lives on social media. How far is too far? And, why Dawn is partially responsible for Issa Rae’s success.
  • (30:34) Why women have to attach a dollar value to their dreams.
  • (34:00) Dawn’s secret to mingling with celebrities.
  • (38:00) Women-led startups get 35% ROI when investment-backed. So take that gentleman!
  • (40:25) Natasha gets fired up and ready to round up female entrepreneurs for world domination!
  • (41:30) Entrepreneurs don’t have to be ashamed of wanting to make money.


“Episode 1” from On Behalf of All Women by Lioness Magazine. Released: 2018. including music from the New Music Mantra (Snowflake’s revox) by Snowflake (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 

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  • L❤️VE the name of your new podcast for female entrepreneurs and also enjoyed your first podcast episode. You two are so entertaining and hilarious together! Looking forward to hearing more and being a guest on your podcast! ‍♀️❤️

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