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New Partnership Offers Comprehensive Child Care Solutions to Employees

This new alliance enables the San Diego Regional Center to support key staff across eight locations.

The San Diego Regional Center (SDRC), a leader in the community for persons with developmental disabilities, partnered with TOOTRiS to provide real-time child care services to its employees. With this partnership, SDRC’s staff of more than 600 will have access to thousands of local child care providers through the TOOTRiS’ platform, removing barriers that prevent working parents from remaining in the workforce and advancing their family-friendly work environment.

TOOTRiS delivers real-time access to quality Child Care. Learn more at (PRNewsfoto/TOOTRiS)

Care child support for families in the workforce

As a first-of-its-kind SaaS platform, TOOTRiS connects parents, providers, employers and subsidy programs all in real time. One of TOOTRiS’ goals is to create sustainable, systematic change for greater equality. Child care challenges cause one in four women to leave the workforce and costs employers millions of dollars each year in turnover, lost productivity, and absenteeism. Over the last year, nearly three million women dropped out of the workforce across America, many due to the lack of parental support. With a staff of more than 65 percent women, SDRC recognizes that child care support is key for long-term success, and its partnership withTOOTRiS is a win-win solution for the organization and the community.

“Through this partnership with TOOTRiS, our employees now have access to real-time benefits and solutions. Our employees have access to quality care so they can thrive at our organization,” said Carlos Flores, San Diego Regional Center Executive Director. “By providing an affordable services and increasing support availability and visibility for families, TOOTRiS creates a level playing field so that all working parents, regardless of economic status, location or schedule, have a chance to pursue professional growth.”

“When employees are provided access to child care benefits, they are not forced to choose between a paycheck and their children,” said Alessandra Lezama, CEO of TOOTRiS. “In San Diego, families with two working parents spend up to 40 percent of their income on child care. That is excessively high. The San Diego Regional Center has always been a forward-thinking nonprofit, dedicated to providing the best services for our community. By offering parental support as part of its existing employee wellness program, the organization will significantly improve productivity, career advancements and employee retention. This allows SDRC to continue its amazing work.”

About the San Diego Regional Center

The San Diego Regional Center is a service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services, Inc. and a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that contracts with the State of California to provide the services outlined in the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act. The San Diego Regional Center is a focal point in Imperial and San Diego counties for 33,000 persons with developmental disabilities such as intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and other disabling conditions, encouraging them to live productive, satisfying, and meaningful lives as valued members of our community.


TOOTRiS is reinventing child care, making it convenient, affordable and on-demand.  As the world shifts to digitalized services, TOOTRiS helps parents and providers connect and transact in real time, empowering working parents – especially women – to secure quality care. Providers can also unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. TOOTRiS is creating a new digital economy that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with passion and talent to become providers, improving their quality of life while increasing the much-needed supply of child care across the state. TOOTRiS’ unique technology enables employers to provide fully managed child care benefits, giving their workforce the flexibility and family support paramount to regaining employee productivity and increasing their ROI.

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