Lioness Powerbrokers: Natalie Benamou of HerCsuite

Learn how HerCsuite works to serve women throughout their careers.

Natalie Benamou, founder and CEO of HerCsuite, has had an incredibly successful career in events and sales. Over the years, her efforts delivered more than $110M in total revenue. She’s been a board member, several times. But what has brought her the most success? It’s her “serve first” mindset.

Benamou has mentored and advised many women during her career. Now she offers that same great guidance and advice through her platform HerCsuite.

HerCsuite was born as a result of conversations Natalie had with her friends. Her friends admitted they often felt siloed as leaders. They longed for a space to connect with each other. They wanted to be open about the challenges they were dealing with on their own. HerCsuite helps change how women advance in their organizations and how they empowered they feel.

Building a community for women leaders

HerCsuite is a member organization. It features personalized tracks to best serve women in the various seasons of their career. The executive track is designed for more senior women. It includes vice presidents, presidents, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs and business owners. The emerging track is designed for the up-and-comers, including account executives, accountants, engineers, creatives, managers, directors and more.

HerCsuite offers members mentoring, a better way to network, and executive advisory circles, as well as a career success framework. The most valuable aspect of HerCsuite, is undoubtedly the sense of community.

HerCsuite answers the question, “What happens when we go it alone?”

According to a Deloitte report, when women go it alone:

  • 51 percent are less optimistic about their career.
  • 57 percent say they will leave their job within two years.
  • 77 percent experience an increase in workload.

Benamou and her new company are on a mission to transform the way women meet, engage and thrive together to create lasting change. Benamou is well aware of the various World Economic Forum (WEF) statistics on equal pay and economic opportunity for women. According to the WEF’s 2021 report, at the current rate of progress, the economic gender gap will take 267.6 years to close. It will take an estimated 145.5 years to close the political gender gap, compared to 95 years in the 2020 report. Her hope is that the community of HerCsuite helps to change that trajectory.

For more information on HerCsuite, or if you are interested in becoming connected to this community of women leaders, visit www.HerCsuite.com.

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