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Lean The F*ck Out, Episode 68: Strategic Destruction To Solve Business Problems – An Interview With Susan Norris

In this episode, we talk with Susan Norris. Susan is a leader and coach who describes herself as “The Unbalanced Force” to combat organizational inertia (a nod to Newton’s first theory). Susan shares some amazing tips on how to escape this inertia and move toward innovation in your company. She also talks about how to use your skills as a fempreneur within the corporate environment. If you are running a side hustle or getting ready to lean out if you are still working your day job, her tips will help you figure out when the right time might be and how to survive in your company environment in the meantime. Susan brings a new perspective that you are not going to want miss.

Strategic Destruction to Solve Business Problems Episode Highlights:

  • Be willing to change how you are reaching your goal. The how, the implementation, the process might be what needs to shift; it doesn’t have to be your goal.
  • Commitment to your goal is very powerful and hard to change. Stay committed, change how you implement in order to solve business problems.
  • Always stay in a perpetual state of creative dissatisfaction to innovate. Always ask is there a better way to solve this problem?
  • Make sure you are doing the right thing then make sure you are doing things right.
  • Keep yourself in a constant state of questioning. Don’t get stuck in inertia.
  • The challenge us fempreneurs often feel is that the evolution in large organizations can happen a slower than if it were a small business or solopreneurship.
  • Being stuck or organizational inertia can happen for entrepreneurs too. Entrepreneurs start to make sales and having cash flow presents more risk to change or solve business problems and you become slower and more risk-averse.
  • If working at a company, as yourself: can the organization handle my destructive ideas? If not, you have to build a thicker skin to take the lumps, while shifting your method for pushing change.
  • Solid communication and negotiation techniques are important while you are in a company. Use skills for communication within the corporation and the delivery chain and the messenger and the means and put that machine to work for you to solve the problems you see.
  • When thinking of quitting ask yourself: What alternatives do I have to quitting work to allow for more flexibility?
  • Always keep in mind: your brain and your body are what keep you viable and relevant. You are your business as a fempreneur.

Susan Norris

Susan Norris is an experienced leader, coach and innovative problem solver.  She describes herself as “The Unbalanced Force” here to combat organizational inertia (a nod to Newton’s first theory).  Meaning, she helps others think differently about problems and approaches to deliver more innovative and effective products and ensure we’re doing the right thing before we do things right.

She has been working on a team that blends social science with innovative design to address global issues through human solutions – working directly with organizations to develop, implement and evaluate programs, products and services that make the world better and solve issues that matter to us the most.

You can find Susan online at:

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