Lean The F*ck Out – Episode 21, Be Your Own Boss: Featuring Kristian Grant

Posted on June 6, 2017 by Lean The F*ck Out

We had the opportunity to talk with entrepreneur Kristian Grant about how she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and what she is doing now to encourage youth to build their own businesses.

Grant talks about how to be your own boss and how she uses her daily planner to document ideas and keep on track. Kristian also shared how many of the women she coaches through business building and visioning come to her with fears that they will not be able to make their dreams happen. Kristian says that often “we bury what we love under what we think we have to do,” which leads many women entrepreneurs settling for unhappiness in their work. To push through that she says, you need to own your confidence and check in with yourself at least once a week or every day to affirm yourself that you are heading in the right direction.

Grant opened her first business in 2011, Sydney’s Boutique a women’s clothing store, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After being a founding member of several startups and business ventures she found the desire to teach students at a young age about the world of business. She thought of how many inventors, investors and business owners are hidden inside of our students if we only give them the exposure and the tools.

Grant enjoys being involved in her community, spending time with family and traveling in her down time. In January of 2017 Kristian was sworn in as a Board Trustee for the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education, this makes her the youngest member to ever be elected to the GRPS board.

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