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Insider Secrets To Launching And Running A Successful Company – Lioness Membership

Lioness is helping women entrepreneurs get insider secrets and tools for success so you can launch and grow top-notch companies. Learn more inside.

Insider Secrets To Launching And Running A Successful Company - Lioness Membership - Lioness MagazineEvery woman entrepreneur needs a community of like-minded women, mentors and development opportunities that are catered to her specific needs. Where can you turn to for resources to assist you in launching and growing your business?

Introducing the Lioness Membership Program …

We’re giving you access to tools and techniques to move you forward with passion, purpose and confidence. Participate in intimate goal-setting sessions with other women entrepreneurs, learn how to minimize your risks and failures (because they’re going to happen) and learn what you need to know in order to get around the hurdles standing between you and your dream. We know that every successful entrepreneur has mentors or coaches and is constantly evolving, and now you can, too. A Lioness membership will give you all the best Lioness has to offer and do you want to know the best part? It’s free. Yep. That’s right – completely free.

Lioness is the premiere resource for female entrepreneurs. Through our staple product, Lioness, the digital magazine, we’ve interviewed nearly 10,000 women whose startups are disrupting industries to well-known women entrepreneurs crushing business such as Queen Latifah, Susan Packard and Lisa Nichols. And what we’ve learned is that women entrepreneurs want a centralized resource. We are tired of Googling the answers to our business questions and clicking all over the Internet.

We are revolutionizing the way woman entrepreneurs consume news and receive mentoring for professional and personal development, giving women the first one-stop resource for entrepreneurship. We are doing for women entrepreneurs what TechCrunch did for techies; giving you a home.

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A membership with Lioness includes:

  • 25% discount on all live and virtual events
  • 2 Group Personal Development Calls per month with Coach Dawn and other guest empowerment gurus. Get help with clarity, focus, trouble shooting issues, breaking through fear, doubt and distractions.
  • 2 Group Business Coaching Calls per month with high level experts and uber successful entrepreneurs covering topics such as finding funding, making a profit, building a team, marketing, cost-effective technology and testimonials on how they found success.
  • Access To Our Private Members-Only Facebook Group Unleashed! is our social community for female entrepreneurs. Our community was created for support and is a safe space for you to interact with your peers.
  • Special offers and discounts from Lioness partners
  • BONUS: You get access to all Personal Development and Business Coaching Calls on replay for 72 hours after the call!

What Other Women Entrepreneurs Are Saying

“I wanted to hear inspiring stories of everyday women that took the risk to launch their business. There is not a lot of empowerment out here for women and when I came across Lioness, I thought, ‘WOW, how awesome is this?’ Plus, the nature of a Lioness in the animal world is that of a pursuer, nurturer and one that protects,” Sabrina Smith said.

Helping You Get Insider Secrets And Advice For Your Success

We know that 9 out of 10 startups fail. Women are launching 1,200 businesses per day in the United States and most of us have the same issues: managing debt, navigating our way through a male-dominated business culture, lack of confidence, understanding how to run a startup, trying to work around what we don’t know, juggling our families and work responsibilities, getting equal equity opportunities and trying to keep going when everything around says to quit.

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise and even the National Women’s Business Council – who are advisors to the President of the United States – recognize that women entrepreneurs are at the tipping point. So how does Lioness help more of you win? We get the top women entrepreneurs – and sometimes men – and have them tell you their insider secrets, explain how they achieved what they did and how you can do it, too. We send everything you need to run your business right to your smart phone. Private calls, virtual workshops and interviews  delivered to you in a way that is easy for you to access. 

We’re always working hard to elevate, educate and support you in your entrepreneur journey. Become a Lioness member today and get started! Join our kick-ass network of seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors and let us help you TRANSFORM and GROW your business.

And there’s no catch. We’re here to help women like you. Membership is free. If at anytime, you no longer want to be a member, simply unsubscribe from the membership program and continue to enjoy Lioness news, tips and advice from our news site and daily newsletter. Simple. No fuss.

Click the link to sign up and we will send your membership information so you can join us on next week’s call.

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