2021 2GI Women Founder Cohort Participants
2021 2GI Women Founder Cohort Participants
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Innovative Program from 2Gether-International Supports Women Founders with Disabilities

2Gether-International is excited to announce our groundbreaking partnership with visionary and global leader, Wendy Diamond, Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), along with the Loreen Arbus Foundation, in the very first Accelerator Program focusing on disabled women in business. Disabled women in business deserve our support, recognition and resources. WEDO Founder, Wendy Diamond started this powerful program. It has led to the first ever, 2GI’s “Women’s Disability Startup Cohort,” an innovative program with a mission specifically focused on supporting disabled women in entrepreneurship. It also provides them with critical financial resources and mentorship.

Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs

This life-changing cohort targeting women entrepreneurs with disabilities culminated with the exciting “Pitch Event,” in July 2021. The event followed 17 weeks of intensive training led by Kim Cayce, Founder and CEO of The Women’s Entrepreneur Network. It provided a unique opportunity for disabled female entrepreneurs who face an uphill battle with limited resources and opportunities. The successful program featured finalists pitching their startup companies to a special panel of judges. The winner, Keely Cat-Wells of C-Talent, won $5,000 to support and grow her business.

“I am thrilled to have had the honor of participating in the cohort. The skills that were taught were invaluable and it really drove home that entrepreneurship really does come naturally for disabled people as both require strong leadership skills, patience, empathy, the ability to adapt and the capability to fight”, said Keely.

You can watch the culminating pitch competition here.

Providing a seat at the table

This program would not have been possible without the support of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, The Loreen Arbus Foundation and Women’s Entrepreneur Network. It is through the partnership with Wendy Diamond, WEDO, the Loreen Arbus Foundation along with the Women’s Entrepreneur Network that we hope to level the playing field for women in business with disabilities. The goal is to give them a seat at the table and help magnify their voices.

“Although women with disabilities exemplify an entrepreneurial spirit in their daily lives as they navigate through a world largely inaccessible to them, they face higher barriers to becoming entrepreneurs and launching their unique ventures”, said Wendy Diamond, CEO and Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. “WEDO is committed to breaking down these barriers. Our aim is to empower and provide visibility to women and girls with disabilities within their communities and globally.”

Kim Cayce, founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network was also critical to the success of  this program. She brought over 20 years expertise in starting and growing businesses, elevating the quality of this initiative.

“Both our partners and the participants in this cohort are extraordinary women, paving the way to a more inclusive and equitable world at-large. It has been an honor and a privilege working together” said Diego Mariscal, Founder & CEO of 2GI.

2Gether-International has more work to do

The program was so successful that 2GI will be running another Women’s Cohort beginning in March 2022. Learn more about the 2Gether-International 2022 cohort.

If you would like to become a funding partner or sponsor, please email suzi@2gether-international.org.

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