How To Sell On Instagram In 2019

Here’s what Marley Baird had to say about how to sell on Instagram in 2019:

“Is it possible for everyone to make money on Instagram? Yes! However, the most common mistake I see is individuals putting in all of their efforts to become Insta-famous and gain lots of followers to get brand deals.

What if I told you that there is actually more power in your hands if you don’t do it that way? If you already have an e-commerce platform and are trying to promote your products or services, Instagram provides a great opportunity to sell. One of the most important things that Instagrammers need is to form relationships and share a message that their audience can relate to.

When you do this, you grow the know-like-trust factor with your community – they know who you are, love what you do, and trust anything that you recommend. Once you have that trust factor in play, you have the golden ticket! In this video, I offer resources and tips on how you can start selling on Instagram today. Check it out.”

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