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How To Dress For Those Last Three Weeks Between Summer And Fall 

It's all about mixing and matching the seasons. Here's how to dress for those last three weeks between summer and fall thanks to This Time Tomorrow …

It’s that time of year when we can still get away with some summer garb, but spurts of fall make its presence known. We decided to visit one of our favorite fashionistas, Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow. (If you’re not following this blog you should be!)

Celebrate the end of summer with dashes of fall awesomeness. It’s all about mixing and matching. Here’s how to dress for those last three weeks between summer and fall …

Photos courtesy of Lydia Hudgens and Anna-Alexia Basile via This Time Tomorrow.


Mix and match pieces of summer and fall. Pair summer dresses with clunky fall boots or soft sweaters with skirts or shorts.090815_4



Get away with off the shoulder looks while you can by bringing back out your closed-toe heels. You can also pull out your heavier fabric dresses and toss in a bit of summer with nude shoes.




Start sneaking in your darker fall clothes but swap the cardigan for a cool summer denim jacket. 090715_2



Play with your outerwear by matching your traditional trench with summer sandals or by rocking your winter boots with a long-sleeved summer dress.



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