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entrepreneur standing in her store 4460x4460 scaled

How To Choose The Perfect Pop Up Shop Location

To start, make your pop up space wish list. Just like when you are shopping for an apartment, It is important to know what factors are bonuses and what would be a deal breaker. Come up with a short list of must-haves, to help refine your search. Your items will differ depending on your brand and your reason for opening a pop-up shop. Here is a list of the 6 essential steps in selecting the perfect pop up location:

1.Know your pop-up goals

Pop-up shops can serve many purposes, from generating sales to raising brand awareness. Having clear goals when you’re opening a pop-up will help you determine the best type of space for your event. Are you doing this to test a future store location or just to boost awareness of your new product? For example, if your focus is register sales maybe you should look to be near complementary brands with proven foot traffic. For a brand awareness play, take into consideration where your pop up would have the biggest visual impact. Is it a rooftop, a concert hall or is it simply taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary? Look for places where your pop up can stand out and be remembered, especially if your end goal is about brand activation.

2. Know your target demographic

Knowing your target demographic is crucial, as you’ll want to pick a neighborhood that fits your brand. Researching the demographics of neighborhoods that you’re considering for a pop-up will help you get the right kind of foot traffic in the door. Does a pop up put your brand right in front of your target audience? If you’re selling to a particular target audience, put your pop up right where they will be. If this is a fashion week event consider a mobile pop up that rolls right up to be seen right outside the runway shows. When choosing a neighborhood, it helps to imagine where your target customer lives, works, shops or hangs out.

3. Research locations

For a pop-up shop, location is key to ensure that your shop gets the foot-traffic it deserves. Talk to nearby businesses and walk the streets to make an informed decision about the right space for your brand. Do all the due diligence you can — find out the area’s demographics, check out nearby retailers and businesses and see how much foot traffic the space gets. Does a local space particularly match your pop up? Sometimes, a building or public space seems ideal for a project. For example, for a flip flop brand the beach is a great location. Do you want to be near a certain location such as a sports stadium? You know your brand better than anyone. The space you choose should mesh visually with your brand and look like an extension of your brand.

4. Be strategic about your hours of operation

After determining your goals, target, and location, set hours of operation that will bring you the most success. For example, a beauty line’s pop up shop might offer half-hour lunchtime manicures for women on the go. Or date night blowouts after work. These details can go a long way, especially if you know who your customer is.

5. Consider the space logistics; parking, transportation, managing stock etc.

Think about how your target customer will get to your pop up shop. Is there lots of parking? Or is it near a public transportation hub? Is there room for trucks to deliver goods (especially if your product is a hefty one, or oversized) Consider elements of the space’s layout as well. If you plan to manage inventory on-site, is there space for back stock? Are there windows for a window display? How about dressing rooms?

6. Ask the right questions

What is the total rent for the pop up?

What is included in the rent? (Utilities, etc.?)

Is there a refundable deposit?

What kind of insurance do you have?

What type of use is the building certified for? Do I need any special permits to operate my particular pop up?

Can I modify the space?

Is there a security system?

When can I move in / move out?

When executed correctly pop up shops can energize a brand and take it to a new level. But choosing the right location is critical to pop up success. Do the homework and the payoff will be well worth the effort.

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