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How “Smile in a Box” Provides COVID Relief and Entrepreneurial Education

Positive Planet US, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing economic, social and ecological inequity through entrepreneurship, is proud to partner with Branches Long Island and provide immediate relief to families in need by donating boxes of food and other essential products. The name of their combined initiative is “Smile in a Box.” Recipients also gain free access to “Adapt and Rise,” Positive Planet US’ on-demand learning platform for underprivileged entrepreneurs.

The initiative will result in over 150 people receiving the help they desperately need. The pandemic means that up to 42 million people, including 13 million children, may experience food insecurity in the U.S. in 2021 (as estimated by Feeding America). At the same time, recipients will develop the skills they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial dreams. This initiative is at the heart of Positive Planet’s mission and expertise, promoting social inclusion through entrepreneurship.

The impact of “Smile in a Box”

“I am delighted to see this new collaboration. By combining our field knowledge, we support two important sustainable development goals: ending hunger and economic growth,” said Ingrid Gonzalez, President and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Positive Planet US.

“Collaborating with other organizations is an absolute blessing to us. The support we have received for this project is something we are forever grateful for. The number of families we will be helping will make such an impact in our efforts to end hunger on Long Island,” said Samantha Morales, Founder Branches Long Island. 

Positive Planet US volunteers gathered in Long Island on April 11, 2021, to help box and distribute to local families in need. These goods were procured through their fundraising efforts.

To learn more about “Smile in a Box” and how to support Positive Planet US’ efforts, visit https://positiveplanetus.org/

About Positive Planet US

Jacques Attali founded Positive Planet, a nonprofit organization, in 1998. Since then, the nonprofit helped eleven million people escape poverty around the world. The foundation expanded to the United States to give the underprivileged the means to become entrepreneurs. Positive Planet US partners with local nongovernmental organizations looking to support underserved communities. Each program focuses on supporting an informational financial education with partnerships from banks, cooperatives and insurance companies.

About Branches Long Island

Samantha Morales founded Branches Long Island in 2019 after she realized the number of people in need on Long Island. She started out doing it alone. After becoming a legal 501c3, the organization quickly grew. She is joined by an amazing group of women who dedicate their time every week to better the community.

Branches Long Island helps those in need with no judgments. It works with many social workers and homeless shelters on Long Island offering a variety of services. As of May 2020, it opened its first location in Middle Island, NY. The nonprofit plans to offer classes, counseling and weekly blessing boxes to provide necessities to families on Long Island.

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