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From Potential To Powerhouse Podcast Aims To Speed Transformation For Women Entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneur and creator of multiple multi-million-dollar businesses, Tracy Holland, has announced that she is launching the From Potential to Powerhouse podcast, featuring candid and productive conversations with other top-level women entrepreneurs and executives, to support women entrepreneurs in building their dreams.

Closing the gender gap

While women-owned businesses, resulting in the rise of women millionaires, is up 31% from last year, women-owned businesses still aren’t getting the funding that male-owned businesses are. In addition, only one in five women-owned businesses have revenues of $1 million or more. Holland’s mission in launching From Potential to Powerhouse is to bring together experienced entrepreneurial women, to share their success secrets and proven business tactics—mined from tough lessons and blockbuster wins—with up-and-coming powerhouse women, to empower their paths to success and to make the journey more collaborative and connected.

“When I first started as an entrepreneur, this podcast was exactly the resource I wished I had. I have been so inspired by listening to women powerhouses tell their story and share their wisdom. There is so much to learn from each of them; it will save listeners lightyears on their path to building their own businesses.” Holland, who founded the company From Potential to Powerhouse in late 2020, said. “I believe women should be millionaires if they want to be. You are exquisite and deserve an exquisite journey. You can live your ultimate life and build your ultimate business, just by shifting how you see your circumstances. Let’s share to build with one another, especially when faced with adverse situations and obstacles.”

Bringing women together

The list of guests includes Christie Hefner, Sallie Krawcheck, Elizabeth Funk, Katherine Power, Kay Koplovitz, Richelle Parham, Katie Kitchens and many others.

The From Potential to Powerhouse podcast brings together women sharing their collective bumps, bruises, and wins, so listeners can build their dreams as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to the podcast, Potential to Powerhouse will also offer a private Facebook community and “Powerhouse Programs” to give women the opportunity to network, access exclusive Q&A sessions, thought leader panels, masterclasses, and more.

About the creator

Holland, a self-made powerhouse in her own right, has overcome dramatic obstacles on the road to becoming who she is today, and this experience is part of what fuels her continuous drive for independence through entrepreneurial successes. Along the way, she learned the challenge of balancing her business goals with motherhood, career and marriage, and as she met and spoke with like-minded women, she realized her story was not unfamiliar to many of her peers. Now, listeners of the From Potential to Powerhouse podcast will have access to these intimate, inspired conversations—from leader to leader– and be empowered to do the same. In each episode, Holland will dial in on exactly how guests used their mindset to fuel their transformations.

The From Potential to Powerhouse Podcast launched on Feb. 26 and airs weekly on Fridays, on all major podcasting apps. For more information and to subscribe, visit their website.

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