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Four Tips for Success In 2022

We're a fourth of the way through the year. Looking to make the most of the time and grow your business or startup? Here are some tips on how to work towards success in 2022.

As we continue to settle into 2022, adaptability will help build the foundation of your success. The world of work has been in upheaval since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Just as everything seems to settle into a rhythm, something else crops up and throws everything back out of whack. Those who can’t adapt to changing global and societal conditions will quickly be left behind. Those that are prepared and proactive rather than reactive will continue to thrive in an ever-changing business climate. Here are four things you can do to support your business and achieve success in 2022.


Planning is important, but sometimes plans have to be altered or thrown out entirely and rewritten… over and over. That’s been the trend the last couple of years. The key is finding a balance in your planning between sticking to it and pivoting when needed. Whenever you make a plan, make sure to anticipate the possibility that it’ll be thrown out of shape down the line.

Linn Atiyeh, founder and CEO of Bernana, said, “Being successful in 2022 will largely be about the ability to adapt to difficult challenges and seize sudden opportunities as they appear. While this is the case most years, it’s particularly crucial in 2022. As the world juggles an attempted return to ‘normalcy’ with ongoing global challenges, industries and consumers are changing rapidly. Companies with firm, unchanging plans are unlikely to succeed in this environment.”

Ask yourself if your business or startup is one that can be flexible in regard to work environments, supply chains, logistics and market trends. Look at your plans and think – if things changed unexpectedly, would those plans still work? If your business is unable to quickly react to something like a supply chain issue that delays receiving products, or your business requires in-person activities to be successful, you could be out of luck if another variant hits. Something that sounds like a genius idea right now could quickly become a hazard.

Define what success means to you

Success means vastly different things from individual to individual and business to business. To make the most of 2022, define what success means to your startup or business. Dhomonique Murphy, founder and president of Media Mastery Now, recommends asking yourself these questions as you plan out the year ahead.

  1. What do you want for your business?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. How will you get it?
  4. What steps will you take next to build on it once you have it?

Test your limits

We all have our comfort zones. These are safe spaces where we feel confident and empowered. However, staying there limits your potential for success. Limits exist to be pushed, and most major successes weren’t achieved by being conservative.

Sharon Winton, director of marketing at GoMontana, a one-stop-shopping assistant that helps consumers find the best products at the best prices, spoke on testing your limits. “In order to grow, continuous learning is necessary. Trying things beyond your current limits and taking the risk of failing will give you the highest chance of reaching success in your life.”

Avoid saying things like “I can’t do that” or “that sounds crazy.” Language like that limits your potential. Instead, say “It sounds crazy, but let’s try it and see what happens” or “I can do this.” Studies show that self-affirmations and positive language can improve performance, reduce stress and improve receptiveness to errors. This helps with correcting mistakes. In a business context, this could help reduce the fear of making mistakes, making it easier to take risks and push beyond the limits.

Rest and mental health

Launching a startup and running a business is a stressful adventure. In 2022, mental health and wellness lead discussions among many industry executives. Finding a balance between working towards your personal and your business goals and setting aside necessary “me time” is essential.

We asked women entrepreneurs about their experiences dealing with stress as business owners. Debbie Winkelbauer, owner and CEO of Surf Search, a recruitment firm in the health sector, said, “Running a business can be incredibly stressful. As women, we tend to wear stress as a badge of honor. But high levels of stress aren’t healthy and will catch up with you when you least expect it.”

Lattice Hudson, founder of Lattice & Co, told us, “Over 88 percent of working women around the globe feel stressed, and about 13 percent of these women feel unmanageable stress. My advice for women looking to be successful this year is to prioritize their mental health needs first. It’s crucial you find the right balance between your work and private life, so you don’t burn out and end up underperforming.”

Combine these ideas and you’ll be well on your way to achieving success in 2022 for whatever ventures you take on. Let your inner Lioness roar this year!

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