FlexClip Makes Video-Making Clean And Easy

PearlMountain announced the release of FlexClip, an easy-to-use online video creation tool that enables seamless workflows to create real estate videos, promos, intros, ads, slideshows, lifestyle videos, and much more.

FlexClip’s new arrival introduces innovative and powerful capabilities to create videos that engage viewers and tell a story without the need to download additional software or acquire extensive editing skills. FlexClip delivers a streamlined and intuitive user experience that makes creating and sharing videos easier than ever, filling a demand that certainly exists in the market today.

Lin Xiao, Founder and CEO of PearlMountain, commented, “Video is becoming one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand forms of communication. And a big problem for many has been that video production is neither easy nor cheap. This is a problem we have set out to solve with our release of FlexClip, an entirely new tool built with simplicity and usability in mind that satisfies the ever increasing demand people have for quality video creation that doesn’t break the bank.”

On the new platform, users will find a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) video editor, stacked with easy to access and helpful resources, as well as a range of drag and drop functions to guide users move step-by-step through the video creating process in a way that’s headache-free. By benefiting from the handpicked text animations that speed up production timelines and the ability to record voiceovers, add a logo or watermark, the door opens wide for nearly anyone without any video expertise to create great videos with minimal effort.

At launch, FlexClip features a simple-to-navigate storyboard approach where a range of different types of video clips and photos can be combined together to create remarkable videos that are meant to grab an audience’s attention. With regards to customizing a video, FlexClip offers self-explanatory tools, giving users the possibilities to cut a clip, insert text, adjust fonts, record voiceovers, add background music, and download videos in various ratios and definitions.

With online video quickly becoming an essential means for people to satisfy their marketing and entertainment needs, FlexClip’s web-based video editing solution enables the average person to produce good-looking videos for different occasions, in a short span of time.

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