First-of-Its-Kind Social Experiment Redefines ‘Having It All’

Lean Cuisine hosted a social experiment with a group of women and instructed them to shop for their "ideal lives." Catch their refreshing conversations.

If your ideal life was a shopping basket, what would it contain? As part of a first-of-its-kind social experiment, Lean Cuisine asked women to define their ‘ideal life’ and explored how they made decisions alone versus in the presence of other women (i.e. – friends, family members and colleagues).

In collaboration with Dr. Emily Bacletis, associate professor of psychology at NYU, Lean Cuisine created ItAll – the first store where women could shop for their ideal lives. Despite societal stereotypes of female relationships, the ItAll store proved the impact women can have on other women as an engine for ambition. More findings included below.

Watch how the experience unfolded above.

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