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Female-Led H Venture Partners Announces $10M Debut Venture Capital Fund

H Venture Partners’s debut fund invests in science-based brands that address fundamental human needs, disrupt billion-dollar categories and transform the way we live our lives.

 H Venture Partners (“H Ventures”), a female founded, owned and controlled venture capital firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently announced the close of its debut venture capital fund, H Venture Partners Brand Fund, L.P. (“Brand Fund”). The fund raised over $10 million, becoming one of the few female-led venture capital firms to achieve this milestone.

H Ventures invests in exceptional consumer-essential brands–categories that represent over 90 percent of consumer spend. The firm is based in the number one consumer test market in the United States. Managing Partner Elizabeth Edwards founded the firm in 2017. Edwards is an experienced venture investor who has previously invested in over 30 consumer brands. These brands include Peloton, and Freshly, among others.

Making smart investments

While women partake in 85 percent of consumer purchasing, white men manage 93 percent of venture capital. Additionally, consumer purchases represent 69 percent of U.S. gross domestic product but only 3 percent of venture capital investments. H Ventures is looking to address this “Trillion Dollar Blindspot” by focusing on investing in purpose-driven, science-based consumer brands led by experienced and diverse teams.

“At H Venture Partners we want to invest in companies that transform the way people live. We do that by putting money in the hands of exceptional founders who are launching brands based in science that reflect the diverse needs of our communities,” said Edwards. “Our mission is to support and grow the next generation of leading brands that are better for human health and the environment.”

A team of experts

H Ventures has access to unparalleled expertise in the consumer brands space that other traditional Silicon Valley venture capital funds do not, such as R&D, retail strategy and supply chain, with more than 75 highly strategic founders, entrepreneurs and investors as LPs, including retired executives from top consumer and retail companies such as Target, P&G, Coca-Cola and others, half of whom are female.

“Elizabeth is a brilliant and driven investor who is passionate about the consumer segment, and is driving change in the venture community. I am honored to serve on the Investment Committee and advise H Venture Partners as they tackle the Trillion Dollar Blindspot,” said Kathy Waller, H Ventures investor, former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola and current Board Director of Delta Airlines and Beyond Meat.

Brand Fund’s initial portfolio underwent a rigorous screening and due diligence process. It includes investments in Cerebelly, Kinship and Parsley Health.

About H Venture Partners

H Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The firm focuses on purpose-driven, science-backed consumer brands. A team of consumer experts with unparalleled experience as former consumer executives lead H Venture Partners. Founder and Managing Partner Elizabeth Edwards is a leading investor. At prior firms she was part of investments in Peloton, Roots and Freshly (acquired by Nestlé $1.5B). To date, H Ventures has invested in consumer startups like Avaline, Kinship and Cerebelly.

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