Do You Feel Guilty About Making Money?

This Tuesday Marie tackles sellers guilt and feeling like your work is not good enough. WATCH: See if you can identify with any of these three Money Guilt Goblins.

Do you ever feel guilty making money from selling your creations? This Tuesday Marie shares how to overcome “sellers guilt” once and for all.

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  • Hi, im a little late to the party and my question is sort of related. Im a self employed automechanic. Most of what I do are house calls. I did a diagnosis on a customers vehicle and charged $100 for my time which is about mid pack for the area im in. Problem is that no repair has been done and this poor woman is suffering a fairly complex problem. Misdiagnosis is possible in these scenarios and im worried that ill be taken as “that mechanic” who is trying to take advantage of a woman who knows nothing about her own vehicle. I consider my self to be an honest guy and I charge what I think im worth. How should I proceed?

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