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Espree Devora: The Girl Who Gets It Done

Espree Devora has been creating since she was 14 years old. Now she's behind the WeAreLATech movement and setting her sights on spreading it worldwide.
Espree Devora: The Girl Who Gets It Done - Lioness Magazine
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Some people are just born with it – the entrepreneur bone that calls a person to ultimately change the world in someway. For Espree Devora, the spiritual and emotional journey of entrepreneurship was apparent at four years old.

“I remember walking Westwood Village with my father and seeing office buildings, and daydreaming what companies I would put inside them,” Devora said.

These young aspirations coupled with a childhood that strongly embraced technology and sports, kicked off the career path that Devora is so well-known for today.

Dubbed the “The Girl Who Gets It Done,” Devora hit the ground running at age 14, creating a scuba diving retail shop. This later transformed into a digital media company, ZexSports, dedicated to fostering the relationship between brands and youth in action sports. The growth of one of the first social networks dedicated to sports quickly rose to recognition in the early stages of the tech scene in California.

“As I was building my company, I would meet other people in tech in general. Twenty of us would hang out at this guy’s house and we would all fly to SXSW in Austin, Texas and we would all sit inside a photograph. That was the LA tech scene,” she said.

Over the years, the co-working spaces helped to put the tech scene on the map for others to admire and eventually led to her future endeavors that has helped push this industry. WeAreLATech, a platform for tech related showcasing and support through on and offline events, and the Women in Tech podcast are two of the many ways of Devora’s showing what can be accomplished when you take action and take a chance on yourself.

“My mom would constantly show me that inventing reality is possible. [So] my incentive, my driver in creating [Women in Tech] is that I wanted there to be a positive example in the world of what is possible. I wanted listeners to be able to experience an episode and walk away like, ‘If she can do it, so can I.’”

Both brands have afforded Devora the opportunity to travel globally and meet with some of the driving forces behind tech. She credits listening to her intuition with taking her far.

“Your intuition is your oracle. No one knows the answers to your journey. Create your own story and walk your own journey,” said Devora.

She has hopes of for the future of tech developing in different cities rather than a specific trend. Devora’s interest in increasing connectivity between the masses and the people behind tech inventions, has led her to plan a mobile podcast road trip this upcoming September to talk with everyday tech innovators. The possibilities are endless and the woman who opens doors one step at a time in the tech world, believes you should take the step forward to create the destiny you want.

To keep up with all things related to Devora in tech, visit her website at espreedevora.com or follow on her Twitter.

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