Episode #4: Feminism, Womanhood And Pushing The Female Narrative

Episode #4: Feminism, Womanhood And Pushing The Female Narrative - Lioness Magazine
Yvonne Huff Lee

“What does feminism mean to you?” We are living in a remarkable time for women, but has the word feminism lost its original message? Natasha and Dawn talk to actor, producer, and philanthropist Yvonne Huff Lee about feminism, being an entrepreneur and a mother, the power of women storytellers and why more women need to be the architects of their lives.

Yvonne has been taking the entertainment industry by storm with her film financing company The Lagralane Group. Last year alone, Lagralane was honored to be a part of seven feature films which premiered at Sundance in January including “Bisbee ’17,” “Dark Money,” “Investing Tomorrow,” “306 Hollywood” and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” which also screened at SXSW. In addition to their festival triumphs, the team’s project “Icarus” took home the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

This is the perfect conversation to kick-off the new year. Tune into this warm and fresh discussion as the trio celebrate womanhood and its complexities (yep — they also talk menstrual cramps, chivalry and being comfortable with not offering second chances), and the importance of pushing the female narrative.

Here are some notable highlights:

We ask what does feminism mean to you, being an entrepreneur and a mother, the power of having women storytellers

(2:50) Yvonne on motherhood and entrepreneurship.

(17:00) Everybody talks about finding your tribe, but recognizing when someone is not in your tribe, or not “your people” is even more important, so you don’t waste your time and energy.

(23:18) Has feminism gotten a bad wrap and what does feminism mean to you?

(33:10) Who are women who are pushing the female narrative and why is it important?

(36:50) How shows like Ozark are brilliantly using women in front of and behind the cameras to develop well-rounded female characters.

(44:32) The power of young girls seeing women who look like them on television.

(47:06) In 2018, gatekeepers no longer have the power that they used to.

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