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Entrepreneur Of The Day: Susie Hopson-Blum

Susie Hopson-Blum is using her renewal as an opportunity to help others at New Method Wellness.Learn more about our Entrepreneur of the Day.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Susie Hopson-Blum - Lioness Magazine
Susie Hopson-Blum

Susie Hopson-Blum is using her renewal as an opportunity to help others. Based in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., the co-owner and director of admissions is finding a new purpose at New Method Wellness.

Lioness: How long have you been in business?

Hopson-Blum: Our treatment center opened in 2006. We have been growing exponentially over the past 10 years.

Lioness: Why have you chosen to dedicate yourself to this particular industry?

Hopson-Blum: By the grace of God, I have celebrated 26 years of sobriety this year. My passion for this industry originates from my passion for my own recovery, and my hope for others to start their own road to recovery.

Lioness:  What makes you business unique?

Hopson-Blum: At New Method Wellness, we place a heavy emphasis on individualized care, not a universal treatment method. All of our new clients consult with our on staff nurse, family practitioner, and psychiatrist to create the perfect plan of action for each individual.

Lioness: You could have worked for anyone and would have been successful, why become an entrepreneur?

Hopson-Blum: Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma surrounding addiction and behavioral health, which leaves a large gap in treatment options. I noticed a lack of quality, non-militaristic treatment centers in Orange County, so I started my own.

Lioness: What was your last, “why did I go into business for myself” moment?

There has never been a day that I regretted going into business for myself. There are the daily struggles of running a business, but with the quality of my staff, chaos never lasts long.

Lioness: Every female professional should have ______.

Hopson-Blum: Compassion and persistence.

Lioness: If you could steal some business mojo from another mogul, who would it be and why?

Hopson-Blum: I greatly admire Gary Vaynerchuk. His energy is infectious and his passion is unmatched in this day and age.

Lioness: What is your business motto?

Hopson-Blum: The business motto here is: no problem is too great for us to conquer if and only if we work together.

Lioness: If you could give other entrepreneurs three tips, what would they be?


  1. Keep a relationship with a power greater than yourself; in times of struggle, this will keep you going and in times of greatness, this will keep you humble.
  2. b) Always treat your employees with respect and kindness; much of their daily grind is done in silence.
  3. c) Practice patience and tolerance in the midst of chaos.

Lioness: Has there been a piece of technology or software that has been a lifesaver to you?

Hopson-Blum: We recently integrated Kipu systems as our client management system, which has significantly improved our efficiency.

Lioness: What is your goal for the next year?

Hopson-Blum: I would like to expand our treatment center further, including another sober living facility raising our total to 6 homes. This will allow us to increase the total number of beds available, letting us help more people.

Lioness: When someone is telling their friend about your business, what do you hope they say?

Hopson-Blum: I hope that everyone has the opportunity to see how passionate our entire staff is here at New Method Wellness. All of our employees has been personally affected by addiction and alcoholism, whether directly or indirectly, and it makes a huge impact on the quality of our services.

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