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Entrepreneur of the Day: Jersey Shore Cosmetics

It's already been three years since Jacquelyn Quattro launched Jersey Shore Cosmetics. We talk to her about her start and being a woman entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur of the Day: Jersey Shore - Lioness Magazine
Jersey Shore Cosmetics Founder Jacquelyn Quattro

Jacquelyn Quattro said she wanted to make a difference in an industry that has very little guidelines and rules as it pertains to safety and toxins in cosmetics and skin care products.

“The beauty industry is saturated with so many prodcuts that are not good for the environment and people so I wanted to make a product that could be friendly to the enviorment and people of all ages because I know that is hard to find today,” Quattro said.

Three years ago she launched Jersey Shore Cosmetics.

LIONESS: What makes business/product unique?

QUATTRO: I formulate all of the products indivually, it takes a lot of time and passion, they are truly one of a kind. Also, my products are non-toxic and cruelty-free, yet feels and smells great and they are safe and effective.

LIONESS: You could have worked for anyone and would have been successful, why become an entrepreneur?

QUATTRO: This is something I am very passionate about, so I am very protective of my brand and all of its products, which is why I wanted to oversee every element of the business.

LIONESS: What was your last, “why did I go into business for myself” moment?

QUATTRO: My last “why did I go into business for myself” moment was several months ago when I had a challenging situation with a third party that I was dealing with. Like I said previously, I am very protective of my brand, but it is impossible for one person to run a bussiness and take it to the next level, so third parties do need to get involved and that can be difficult sometimes.

LIONESS: Every female professional should have …

QUATTRO: faith, perserverance and patience.

LIONESS: If you could steal some business mojo from another mogul, who would it be and why?

QUATTRO: I chose Oprah Winfrey because she had humble beginnings and some tough times, yet she kept at it and became enormously successful.

LIONESS: What is your business motto?

QUATTRO: Faith and perserverance.

LIONESS:  If you could give other entrepreneurs three tips, what would they be?


a) Have faith in what you are doing.
b) Love what you are doing.
c) Perservere.

Entrepreneur of the Day: Jersey Shore Cosmetics - Lioness MagazineLIONESS: Has there been a piece of technology or software that has been a lifesaver to you?

QUATTRO: Yes. Accounting software, it keeps the money aspect extreamly organized, which is very important when running a business.

LIONESS: What is your goal for the next year?

QUATTRO: My goal for the next year is to have my products in more brick and mortar stores across the nation. I want to make my products easier for my clients to obtain, so they don’t need to order online, wait for shipping, etc.

LIONESS: When someone is telling their friend about your business, what do you hope they say?

QUATTRO: I hope that people would say that my products are exceptional and one of a kind and my customer service is outstanding. I also hope they recognize how safe my products are because that adds a lot of time and effort into the product.

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