Emily Sandberg Gold Is The First Supermodel To Segue Into The Tech Industry By Launching Twice Social

From supermodel to tech entrepreneur, Emily Sandberg Gold's new agency, Twice Social, sets its sights on digital innovation.

Logo_Twice_SocialSupermodel Emily Sandberg Gold has announced the launch of Twice Social, a digital marketing and influencer branding agency based out of New York and Nashville. Twice Social manages and oversees online strategies for individuals, brands and entertainment industry stakeholders.

“We focus on developing influencers and establishing talent as digital brands,” Gold, who is recognized as the first supermodel to segue into the tech industry, said. “The Twice Social team encompasses professionals from diverse industry disciplines. All are dedicated to seeing their clients succeed and surpass their goals.”

Gold, who has appeared as the face of Clinique, Donna Karan, Versace, Fendi, and The Gap, has also appeared on covers of Italian vogue, Japanese Vogue, and Italian Marie Claire. She is married to Grammy Award-winning producer Gary Gold. With Emily’s experience in the fashion, beauty and film industries, Twice Social also represents and negotiates on behalf of its clients to secure endorsements and partnerships.

Emily Sandberg Gold
Emily Sandberg Gold

As a supermodel turned tech businesswoman, Emily possesses unique expertise on the relationship between technology and a career in entertainment. “Creative professionals are leveraging social media and other digital marketing strategies to grow their careers and forge new opportunities,” she said. “If you’re a professional, it’s vital to consider how these fit into the larger context of your marketing portfolio.”

Twice Social assists creative professionals in developing their individual brand through social media and the web. Thanks to social media, digital publishing, microsite creation and all things digital, creative artists and brands have the opportunity to present and align themselves in a way that gives them back the control over advancing their goals.