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Email Marketing2

Email Optimization Hacks For A Successful Marketing Campaign (Infographic)

Out of the many digital marketing methods that businesses can use nowadays, one of the most commonly used is email marketing. The main reason behind this is that this way, companies can reach a huge number of people without spending too much on the marketing campaign.

Gary Thuerk, an employee of Digital Equipment Corporation, is considered the father of email marketing. In 1978, he sent the first mass email using ARPANET. The mail reached 400 potential clients.

The results were astonishing as it brought $13 worth of sales in DEC products, highlighting the potential that marketing through mass emails had.

Now it’s time to take a look at three of the most important email optimization hacks!

  • The subject line is the first thing that the email recipient is going to see and leaving a good first impression is of utmost importance. Emails with subject lines consisting of only 3-4 words will receive the most responses. Adding an emoji could also boost the open rates by 45 percent.
  • Another important part of an email is the sender name.  People don’t want to receive emails from unknown sources. The importance of this factor is shown by the fact that 68% of Americans open emails based on the “from” name they see.
  • Segmentation is also important because choosing the right targets affects how successful the email marketing campaign is going to be. Email segmentation gives better open rates (39 percent), revenue (24 percent), leads (24 percent), transactions (18 percent), and deliverability (24 percent).

You can find more information in the infographic which follows.

Why Email Marketing Optimization Is Important For A Successful Marketing Campaign (Infographic) - Lioness Magazine
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