How Designer Samira Buchi Reinvented Her Life At 50

By Evelyn Fiske Raised in Switzerland, designer Samira Buchi never stopped dreaming of returning to the U.S. Thirty-eight years later, when she had an empty nest, she set out to gain the life she always dreamed of, not letting her age or fear hold her back, proving anything can be done if you want it bad enough.

Samira Buchi moved to the United States, went to college and became a high-end designer all after age 50.

With the dream of living in the United States since she was a little girl, Samira Buchi made it her reality as soon as she saw the opportunity to do so.

Raised in Switzerland, Buchi never stopped dreaming of the time she visited New York as a little girl with her family. Thirty-eight years later, Buchi found herself back where she always imagined, standing in the streets of New York City.

Buchi, designer of Samira Buchi New York, saw an opportunity to leave her old life behind and start fresh at age 50. As an empty nester, she felt there was no other time to act on her American dream and leave Switzerland.

There was never a question as to what exactly Buchi wanted to accomplish.

Starting afresh, I saw the opportunity in accessories business in the fashion capital of the world which instantly motivated me to go back to school and learn the nitty-gritty’s of the acceptable and lovable art of New York,” Buchi said.

This new opportunity meant heading back to college at age 50, which was not the easiest task. Attending Fashion Institute of Technology, Buchi was determined to learn everything she needed to be successful.

Overtime, Buchi became grateful to have been welcomed by many millennial students in the classrooms. Although it was slightly intimidating to be surrounded by young students, it kept things interesting for Buchi and offered a new perspective. Having children of her own, she found it easy to connect with the other students, regardless of the age difference. The two generations could combine their different mindsets and create an alternative learning dynamic.

“Live the dreams that you saw as a child — I believed those dreams were our definite sixth sense speaking to us, with unwavering can-do spotty which is still hidden within each one of us,” Buchi said.

After completing college, Buchi had her standards set high and was not settling for less than she believed she deserved.

“To be honest, I had one thing certain — if I don’t work for Ralph Lauren, I will for myself. I incorporated Samira Buchi New York with one mission and that was it isn’t just a brand or style statement but a way of living,” Buchi said, when asked why she launched this particular company.

How Designer Samira Buchi Reinvented Her Life At 50 - Lioness Magazine

Each one of her handbags is named after someone Buchi has a personal relationship with to act as a tribute to them and their history.

What was once just viewed as a day dream has now become Buchi’s life and career. With her eyes set wide on the future, Buchi is gathering plans for her next collection.

“My head, right now, is full of shapes and colors to further explore more verticals for Samira Buchi New York,” Buch added.

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