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Have The Courage To Seize It In The New Year

EDITOR'S NOTE - We can be more than what we are or what we’ve settled for, just so long as we have the courage to seize it in the New Year!

Have The Courage To Seize It In The New Year - Lioness MagazineIf you’re reading this you’ve officially made it through the first week or more of 2015 and have hopefully remained dedicated to your New Year’s resolutions.

I’ll admit that I’ve already faltered in my resolution to return to the gym on Jan. 5th to continue my weight-loss journey after shedding 51 pounds in 2014. I’ve made excuses, like so many of us do, but the buck, as they say, stops here! I believe in the spirit of the New Year, as naïve and cliché as it sounds, that one’s personal and professional dreams may become reality this time around.

Why do I choose to ignore the naysayers and exercise such blatant disregard for the perils of our world’s cutthroat business climate? I believe in change and a woman’s ability to become the master of her own destiny because I see it each month right here in Lioness Magazine. The remarkable women featured each month give me the strength and perseverance needed to continue my onward and upward mentality; this month is no exception with features about the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), The MaxOut Group founder Zenovia Andrews, and Gaby Natale, founder of AGANAR Media.

Members of the NAWBO have spent the past 40 years championing for our rights for equal opportunity in the business world. Their extraordinary work included the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988, which abolished state laws requiring women to have male cosigners on business loans. Can you imagine such a preposterous scenario? Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go obtaining equal pay for equal work but as you’ll read in Tara McCollum’s cover story, the NAWBO are continuing their quest for equality both at home and abroad.

Andrews and Natale round out our features this month. At just 39 years of age Andrews has parlayed her experience in the pharmaceutical industry into a successful business, Rubicon Healthcare Sales Consultants, earning more than $2 million within the first 12 months, allowing her to found a new business, The MaxOut Group.

Natale, 36, also took matters into her own hands, choosing to immigrate to the United States from Argentina during the previous economic downturn. What’s even more impressive is that she founded her own television studio, AGANAR Media, and has grown the audience of her show, “SuperLatina”, from airings in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to Quebec and Ontario, Canada, beginning this year.

If by chance the New Year hasn’t brought you the same fearlessness and vigor that I work to achieve each day, I encourage you to borrow strength from other successful women around you. I, too, derive strength from others during my darkest days because they give me hope that I may have a better future as well. Furthermore, we must convince ourselves that we’re the exception, not the rule: we can be more than what we are or what we’ve settled for, just so long as we have the courage to seize it in the New Year!

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Katelyn Gendron

Katelyn Gendron is a native of New York, who is currently living and working as a newspaper editor in Western Massachusetts. She took the helm as Editor in Chief at Lioness in 2013, structuring a strong editorial calendar and securing well-known entrepreneur interviews. A SUNY grad, Katelyn is a world traveler who has documented her journeys for various publications spanning five of the seven continents (she plans to visit the remaining two during her lifetime), her motto: “Life’s a ball. Let’s play!”

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