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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Work From The Inside Out

"Work From The Inside Out" is a podcast about the transitions in our careers and lives told by people who have 'been there, done that.'

Looking for advice and inspiration on career transitions and how to overcome obstacles? Look no further than “Work From The Inside Out” with Tammy Gooler Loeb. She is the author of “Work From The Inside Out: Break Through 9 Common Obstacles and Design a Career That Fulfills You”. Loeb is also a speaker, career coach and executive coach. Her goal is to inspire others and help them succeed. Read below to learn more!

What is “Work From The Inside Out” about?

Work From The Inside Out is a weekly podcast about the transitions we make throughout our careers and lives. Stories are told through the lens of conversations and interviews. Each episode starts with talking about the guest’s earlier years, from childhood dreams to reflections on influential adults or mentors. It transitions into how they springboarded (or stumbled) from adolescence into adulthood and how those transitions were formative in decisions made going forward. Guests sometimes share pivotal events such as traumatic or difficult periods. People open up and talk about how circumstances within their personal lives impacted the choices they made about work. We discuss values and how those align with the decisions guests made along their professional journeys. We shine a light on the importance of learning from everything that happens along the way, especially failures or mistakes.

While many of the guests are now entrepreneurs, they traveled long and winding roads to get where they are today. They demonstrated that careers are not formed in a straight line nor do they always climb a ladder forever. The focus is on the way they made decisions. We discuss how the most satisfying choices came from a more internal place within themselves, hence the “inside-out” premise. Making decisions based on what others were saying or trying to please others leads to less satisfaction in work – so working “outside-in” is also discussed. We try to illustrate for the listener the steps and ways that guests have listened to their intuition or internal voice to attain the careers which end up providing more fulfilling and meaningful career pathways.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

If you want to be inspired, then you will enjoy this podcast. It’s for people who want to move through their fears, overcome traumas, navigate their curiosity and risk stepping into unknown territory. Meet a former Methodist minister who became an FBI hostage negotiator. Learn about the path to health and reinvention of the tenured science professor whose brain tumor destroyed his academic career. He still lives with part of the tumor in his head to this day! There’s the mom of four who started her career with zero credentials and is now the CEO of a software company. The Dad who left his secure corporate job to open a bread bakery. They all made it happen. You can learn what they did, how they accomplished their goals and why they were driven to find work that was fulfilling.

This podcast is for anyone who loves listening to first-person stories who have made intriguing decisions, intelligent choices and took brave steps to be their most authentic, happiest and professional selves. It’s also for people seeking inspiration to explore options for their next career move. When we see things through the lens of another person’s story, we expand our thinking. The goal is to inspire people if they feel there’s something else they need to be or do in life.

Featured episode – 76: Stay Open to Reinvent Yourself – Dorie Clark

As a child, Dorie Clark loved to write and use her imagination. Back then, James Bond intrigued her, and she wanted to become a spy. Her parents would take her on beach vacations, but she preferred to stay inside and write. By age 12, she was submitting poems to New Yorker magazine. Despite none being published, she didn’t stop trying!

Clark went to college at 14, studied philosophy, and went on to earn her Master’s in Divinity at Harvard. Then, at 22, she launched a career in journalism as a political writer with a newspaper in Boston. On September 10, 2001, the day before 9/11, her job laid her off, giving her four days’ notice. Needless to say, it was a devastating time.

Making a plan

Clark had rent to pay, so she got into action. Through her networks, she quickly found freelance writing jobs but also realized she needed to develop a plan. She decided she would like to get a paid role in a presidential campaign. Within a year, she landed a job as the state-level spokesperson on a presidential campaign. Working on political campaigns was grueling and impacted her health, so Dorie decided it was time for a new plan. She thought it would be interesting to be in a management role in a non-profit organization. Working her networks, Dorie was able to become the Executive Director of a nonprofit in Boston where she improved bike riding safety policies and accessibility across the region. The experience of running an organization lit the lightbulb on the entrepreneurial experience that she stepped into next.

Meet the author

Tammy Gooler Loeb, MBA, CPCC, is the author of “Work From The Inside Out: Break Through 9 Common Obstacles and Design a Career That Fulfills You”. She is a speaker, career and executive coach who inspires people to pursue satisfying careers. Tammy offers over two decades of expertise in career transitions, cutting-edge networking strategies, leadership development, organizational change and employee engagement. She works with clients and organizations across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Since 2018, Tammy has hosted a weekly podcast, Work From the Inside Out, which showcases the inspiring stories and practical lessons of people who have made transitions to more satisfying and fulfilling work. Her expertise appears in many publications, such as Harvard Business Review Ascend, Forbes, Fast Company and The Boston Globe, and in the book Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive, by Jessica Turner.

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