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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking

Sweaty palms, dry mouth, racing thoughts… the anxiety of public speaking can quickly take over. Even though we can be subject matter experts, it’s a hard task to present the highlights of our field in a calm, charming and charismatic way. Kirsten Rourke, CEO of Rourke Training, and a speaker for over two decades, has developed a series of tools in Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking to help new and experienced speakers perfect how they move and talk when on top of a stage.

What is the podcast about?

Presenting and speaking is an art and a science. So how does someone with great ideas transform into a skilled public speaker? Introverts would rather crawl into a blanket fort and hide than be in the spotlight. Experienced public speakers need a place to deepen and extend their presenting skills. Each episode of the Ongoing Mastery: Presenting and Speaking podcast features conversations and interviews on performance, presenting tools, and public speaking.

Kirsten draws on her 20+ years as a speaker and trainer to share her insights and talk with industry leaders. Irreverent, nerdy, and unafraid to call it as she sees it, Kirsten will be your snarky friend who tells it to you straight while making you laugh. New episodes drop every Tuesday morning.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

For both new and experienced speakers who want to grow their skills.

Featured episode – How Can Online Speakers Use Posture & Gestures Effectively?

In Episode 8 of Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking, Kirsten talks about the connection between body position, gestures, and your voice. It’s important even when, especially when, you’re presenting or speaking online and your audience might not be able to see you.

When Kirsten demonstrates the difference in posture and how to locate & tighten your diaphragm, you can hear the change in her voice quality.

Key takeaways:

  • How are posture and gestures connected to your voice?
  • How is your diaphragm like a trampoline?
  • Can you hear the difference?
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Kirsten Rourke, the CEO of Rourke Training, has been a learning and development trainer and consultant for over two decades. She provides training and coaching on public speaking and online presenting skills with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Kirsten speaks publicly and conducts training on international team management, remote learning, eLearning development, and productivity at seminars nationwide.

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