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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Hear from female executives and leaders in tech who "escaped" their struggles with burnout.

When you’re working in tech, it’s easy to drive yourself to stress and exhaustion from the fast-paced environment. Sometimes, that can lead to illness, hospitalization, a leave of absence or other struggles with physical and mental health. It doesn’t have to be that way. Lisa Duerre, Founder of RLD Group, knows how to manage this stress – she brings over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Through her podcast, Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre: For Leaders In Tech Escaping Burnout and Rebooting Leadership, she connects with women leaders who want to share their experiences of overcoming burnout.

What is the podcast about?

Leaders in tech are burning out at an absurd rate. Relationships are blowing up. Loved ones think you love your phone or laptop more than you love them. Your health is a ticking time-bomb. You can’t be an amazing leader, build a high-performing team and make a great impact if you’re ending up in the ER… or worse. Enter Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre, a no-BS conversation from a female executive who spent over 25 years in Silicon Valley. Lisa gives you a front-row seat to escape burnout, reboot your career and integrate work with life.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Ctrl+Alt+Delete is for leaders in tech who want to create an incredible impact through their work, protect against burnout and be present for the moments that matter.

Featured episode – What you should know about loneliness and burnout | Featured Guest: Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Featured Guest Dr. Kelly Flanagan keeps it real with Lisa Duerre as they double click on the undeniable truth that you can overcome loneliness and prevent burnout when you are a “true companion.”

Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s book True Companions debuted on Amazon as a #1 New Release in several categories related to friendship, marriage and ethics. Join in on the deep insight and actions shared by Dr. Kelly Flanagan and Lisa Duerre to better understand yourself and those you lead and love.

Some of the not to miss topics include:

  • The real deal when it comes to being lonely in life and at work
  • Three essentials of a truly satisfying life
  • Three painful and broken human experiences to address, work through and release
  • Toxic work environments and leadership styles: what’s underneath it all
  • Ways to care for yourself abundantly
  • How peacemaking is a protection is in the way of creativity and innovation
  • The truth about how neurological wiring plays a large role in how we end up getting our lives out of balance and get burnt out
  • The positive impact or true companionship at work and in life


Lisa Duerre built her expertise in leadership development over twenty years as a leader in technology talent development and customer success at Synopsys and Applied Materials. In 2017, she co-founded RLD Group, a boutique coaching and consulting firm helping tech organizations turn their people leaders into their biggest assets. As an executive coach, speaker, facilitator, leadership advisor and podcast host, she helps leaders in tech build high-performing teams, avoid burnout and be present for the moments that matter. Duerre has been featured multiple times in The Mercury News, Authority Magazine, Romper and Medium. Duerre lives in Oregon with her husband Randy, daughter Emily and their Cavapoo Yogi.

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