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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – 11 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

We're starting a new Lioness feature: Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs. Read a roundup of resources!

We’re so excited to announce a brand new feature for Lioness: Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs. We’ll be highlighting podcasts made by women to help you grow your business, manage your mental health and revamp your lifestyle.

To kick things off, we have a roundup showcasing some of the submissions we’ve received so far. Be on the lookout for full features on each show!

And if you’re interested in sharing your own podcast with us, there’s still time to contribute. Make sure to read on for more details on how to submit your show.

Bridge to U: Understanding and Black Unity

Monique Russell, Executive Communications Coach, Clear Communication Solutions

Bridge to U: Understanding & Black Unity is about connecting through understanding and unity. Our guests have subscribed to Black unity and solidarity worldwide and they have opted out of the narrative of Black division among the Caribbean, American and African peoples. They share their inspiring stories of awakening moments, curiosity and challenges they have overcome in the race to discover their higher self and calling.

The Coach with Clarity Podcast

Lee Chaix McDonough, Founder, Coach with Clarity

Join ICF-credentialed coach and former psychotherapist Lee Chaix McDonough to discover exactly what it takes to be a transformational coach AND a successful business owner. Whether you’re brand new to the world of coaching or you’re looking to grow or scale your business, you’re in the right place.

Create and Grow Rich Podcast

Genein Letford, M.Ed, Chief Creative Officer, CAFFE Strategies

Since the wealth of your organization depends on the creative inclusive health of its team members, we are here to give you the most up-to-date strategies of intercultural creativity in the workplace and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to equip organizations with strategies of intercultural creativity that support their DE&I goals.

Listen to our guests’ entrepreneurship stories, get educated in intercultural creativity,  increase your creative courage and learn how your creative health affects your financial wealth.

The Culture Cast

Kristen Donnelly, Founder, Abbey Research

The Culture Cast is a thrice-weekly podcast offering discussion and analysis of culture – both pop and lived – to help you cultivate your curiosity and engage with empathy. Mondays and Fridays are popular culture coverage like the 2021 Academy Award-nominated movies, while Wednesdays have discussions of wider topics like why flags matter so much to people, how to set boundaries at work or why everyone is so exhausted all the time.

The Divorce Doctor

Elizabeth Cohen, Ph.D., The Divorce Doctor

Divorce can be so isolating. Your friends and family might not understand what you are going through. But you are not alone and divorce is NOT a failure. On this podcast, I speak to real people who have gone through a divorce and thrived through it. We talk about the struggles and the successes. We explore how the pain of divorce brought my guests realizations about themselves and their situation they never would have had without this experience.

FRIED. The Burnout Podcast

Cait Donovan, Burnout Recovery Specialist

The mission of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast is to #endburnoutculture. On FRIED, we end burnout culture by sharing stories of people who’ve been through it all, expert tips from the best in the burnout and stress management fields, #straightfromcait episodes with my own expertise and some fun research AND actionable steps to help you end burnout starting today.

One Broken Mom

Ameé Quiriconi, Founder, Activity Girl

One Broken Mom was created after personal transformation spurred me on to create a revolution in how we talk about trauma and mental health. Described as “punk rock meets mental health and parenting,” the shows are direct and honest conversations with leading therapists, researchers and advocates in the areas of trauma, emotional neglect, narcissistic abuse, relationships, suicide prevention, parenting, co-dependency and more. As a leader and entrepreneur, I also speak to how trauma impacts us in our work lives and experiences.

Speaking of Humanity

Nechama Robinson, Founder, UnConflict

Speaking of Humanity is a podcast about relationships and intimacy. Most episodes are part of the Speaking of Reality series, which uses Reality TV cast members as examples to illustrate the role that individual personality plays in our relationships.

Unleash Possible

Samantha Stone, Founder, Marketing Advisory Network

Unleash Possible is dedicated to sharing strategies and tactics that drive revenue for B2B companies. You’ll learn from the best sales and marketing leaders in the world as they share the revenue catalysts that create the biggest impact in their organizations.

Wickedly Smart Women

Anjel B. Hartwell, Founder, Creative Age Consulting Group

Featuring the world’s most impressive emerging and established wickedly smart women, we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the creative age leaders who are making a massive difference in the world. Listeners tune in to be well fed with dynamic wisdom, legendary modeling and immediately actionable steps. 

Work Revolution

Debra Adey, Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Work Revolution

What’s getting in the way of people harnessing their full potential, creativity, talent and motivation to do great work? The workplace. We have candid conversations with industry experts and everyday people about what’s going on in workplaces today and what needs to change in response to our rapidly changing world. We focus on equity, especially gender equity, and the science behind leadership, engagement and performance that can liberate human potential.

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