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Book of the Week – Aging Joyfully

Let’s embrace a bit of introspection. Dr. Carla Manly, Ph.D., wants to help women smoothly transition into their fifties and beyond as they discover that aging is a natural part of life. Read “Aging Joyfully: A Woman’s Guide to Optimal Health, Relationships, and Fulfillment for Her 50s and Beyond” for tips on boundary-setting, self-love and personal freedom.

What is your book about?

How does a woman embrace her maturity with joy and strength when her body and life change year to year? Clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly provides an important and meaningful window into womanhood for those approaching fifty and beyond. A must-read book for every woman who wants to embrace aging, Aging Joyfully touches the sensitive reality of the transition from a life filled with new beginnings to a graceful process filled with freedom, beauty and joy. With a focus on making each day matter, Aging Joyfully guides the reader into creating a beautiful awareness and appreciation of the aging process. Aging Joyfully is a loving, supportive guide for a woman’s individual aging journey, yet it also lends itself to communal discovery within women s workshops, book clubs and support groups.

Main takeaways:

  1. Embrace a positive attitude that honors aging as a process of evolving with beautiful self-awareness and self-love.
  2. Flood your mind with daily positive affirmations and thoughts of gratitude.
  3. Focus on your abilities and strengths. You’ll radiate with inner and outer joy when you focus on what you can do—not on what you can’t.
  4. Set healthy boundaries with family and friends. You don’t need to please everyone all the time. In fact, it’s time for you to please YOU!
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Meet the author

Dr. Carla Marie Manly is a clinical psychologist and wellness expert based in Sonoma County, California. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Manly is deeply invested in her roles as an author, consultant, advocate, speaker and podcaster. With a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach, she specializes in improving professional and personal relationships through mindfulness and healthy communication skills. Viewing self-development as the foundation for optimal wellness, Dr. Manly’s work focuses on building health intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships through increased self-awareness. Her work blends traditional psychotherapy with alternative mindfulness practices to support inner freedom, awareness and balance.

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