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Book of the Week – BIG: the practice of joy

No matter how busy you are, you should incorporate more joy into your day. Look here for inspiration.

Practicing gratitude can have a profound impact on our mood and daily life (and we all could use a little pick-me-up). Learn from mindfulness teacher Kelly Corbet on how to include more joy in your routine. “BIG: the practice of joy” provides over three hundred reminders and tips to develop a habit of happiness.

Learn more about the book from the author:

What is your book about?

“BIG: the practice of joy” is about remembering how to live a joy-filled life. We did once, remember? When we were kids? This book offers 366 inspiring reminders and discombobulating ideas to help us dust off our memory of what it’s like to be truly happy and in charge of our own thoughts. A lot of people swear up and down they can’t be mindful, can’t meditate – their brain is “too busy.” The daily entries help us leave those limiting thoughts behind until we find ourselves living smack-dab in the middle of joy.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book is for anyone who thinks she can’t be mindful, and wouldn’t mind a lot more joy in her life. It covers how to be in charge of your own thoughts and reclaim your joy … in 366 different “chapters.”

Single most important takeaway:

“Joy is the truest thing about us!”

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You can start anywhere in the book, but here are some examples of what daily prompts look like:


These messages aren’t about changing who you are. They’re to help you remember to be who you already are! Everything is about allowing and aligning. No force required.


By now, you may have already ditched a new year’s resolution or two. No surprise… though expanding our ways of being can be wonderful. So many times, our new year’s resolutions are about all the stuff we want to do differently, rather than all the already-good stuff we can simply focus on allowing to grow! Think about it: losing weight, working harder or more efficiently, changing some habit, etc. Resolutions don’t start with the idea, “I’m great.” They’re all about “I need improvement, and I need to work to make it happen.” But here’s a crazy idea. What if we started from the premise that we are already awesome, and all we need to do is concentrate on our own awesome so it can shine? Be who you are. (That’s a much easier “goal” than any we could possibly dream up!)


There is never a more appropriate time to be grateful than right now! Stop and think of five things to bask in! Gratitude will always lift you and upgrade your vibe.


Gratitude is such a generous emotion. Offer it attention and it can sweep us out of even the most obstreperous of bad moods, the most tyrannical case of ‘poor-me-ness’. Gratitude unconditionally lifts whatever it touches, leaving us unresentful of any emotion we’d been spending all our time with prior to that point.

Meet the author

Kelly Corbet, author and mindfulness teacher, has run companies and published three books. Her very favorite thing is teaching “The M Word” (as her family calls it): mindfulness. Supported by science and rigorous research, Kelly teaches various ways to meditate, and uncountable tips for being in charge of our own thoughts. And though she was educated at Harvard, the most important thing she ever learned – and loves sharing – was that peace and joy arise from within.

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