BEE – Motivate and Empower Women

BEE - Motivate and Empower Women in the workplace- Lioness Magazine

Introducing, BEE, Bold Education & Empowerment for today’s modern woman in the workplace. BEE gives employers an additional tool to motivate and empower women in their organization. Women are less likely to express and advocate for their needs in the office. Through BEE, women receive the latest education and resources to perform at their highest levels with confidence and to meet challenges from the perspective of, “I Can.

I think we empower women by giving them opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, we allow room for creative and innovative thinking which, I think, also empowers women.” – Denise N. Cogman, CEO, SSV

BEE gives women monthly Success Hacks, first-person “How I Did It” stories from women rocking C-Suites around the world to Mindset Mentoring from some of today’s leading business and life coaches. And, here’s what’s awesome: BEE is a mini-magazine that is sent to you ready-to-distribute to your employees either electronically or in print. No muss. No fuss

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