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Becky A. Davis Launches The Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit To Help Women Start Winning Business

The Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit is designed to give women everything they need to start a successful business all in one box.
Becky A. Davis Launches The Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit To Help Women Start Winning Business - Lioness Magazine
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It’s no secret there are many women who would like to have their own business, but aren’t quite sure how to get their project started.  This can lead to procrastination, excuses and inaction, none of which will ever help a person achieve their dreams. Fortunately, help does exist. Enter the acclaimed expert Becky A. Davis, more commonly known by her many students, readers, friends and people she has helped succeed as the Bosspreneur. Recently, Davis announced the release of her new self-study Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit, designed to give women everything they need to start a successful business all in one box.

Stop letting fear win, It’s time to think bigger, go harder and live better,” commented Davis about the release of the new startup kit.  “This is an opportunity that can be life changing.  But it requires taking action. I let fear stop me from pursuing my dream of being a public speaker for 17 years, until a near death experience in 2012 changed it all for me. I found the courage and faith to quit my job and live my dream of serving other women. I know that fear, security and lack of knowledge are the top reasons people don’t take the entrepreneur leap. I’m here to tell women there’s no reason to be frightened and to provide everything they need to get started, right here in the Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit.”

According to Davis, the kit serves as a roadmap to help women successfully start a business, laid out by a woman who has “been there and done that” first hand, and knows what challenges are very likely to present themselves. Direct to the point and easy to understand, the Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit teaches Davis’s four phases to start a business. The phases are:  Look, Learn, Labor then Leap. In many ways by focusing on taking action and breaking things down so clearly, the confusion and difficulty of trying figuring everything out and improvise are removed.

The kit is also packed with templates and examples that walk entrepreneurial women step by step through what actions they should take to receive the best results. Early users of the kit have credited it as the easiest and simplest product to start a business on the market today, and one of the few designed by a woman for women.

Becky brings with her to the course a rich history in business that is very difficult to match. From being trained and excelling at the world renowned Dale Carnegie Speaking Course, to becoming Regional Vice President of the largest optical company in the world, before finally leaving her fear behind and not only becoming a smash success herself as an entrepreneur, but ultimately training, coaching and inspiring thousands of women across the country to leave the 9 to 5 behind and go from being a BOSS to a Bosspreneur.

Not surprisingly, early feedback for the Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit has been incredibly positive.

Emily G., from Boston, Mass. recently said, “I’ve been pretty successful in college and then working for other people, but I’ve always known there has to be something more to life. I stumbled across Beck Davis on YouTube speaking and she really drew me into her message. I could tell this was a strong woman who could relate to where I was at, and who was giving advice I could trust. Long story short, I ordered the Bosspreneur Successful Startup Kit and I couldn’t be happier I did.  I’m applying her lessons and my new business is just getting off the ground. I’m done waiting for tomorrow to do what I should be doing today, and this time next year, I have no doubt with Becky’s advice I am going to be more successful and happier than ever.  The kit is five stars all the way and fully recommended.”

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