Add Being A Mom To The Startup Mix And You May Feel You Are At Your Breaking Point

Being a mom is supposed to be rewarding experience. Here are some ways to avoid the stress and getting to your breaking point.

Balancing Work And Motherhood Never Gets Easy, But It Can Be Manageable - Lioness MagazineIf you are mom, as well as an entrepreneur (either solely or in addition to your day job) there are times you may feel overwhelmed. Those overwhelming feelings can lead to real-time stress. Starting up a business of any kind, feeling uncertain about the future of that business and working double-time to get the ball rolling can take its toll. Add being a mom to the mix and you may feel you are at your breaking point at times.

But here’s the thing, being a mom is supposed to be a fun, rewarding experience (at least most of the time!). Here are some ways to stay positive and avoid the stress and truly enjoy your life as a mompreneur.

Find the Source

Stop and think about where the source of stress is coming from. You may have to talk yourself through this or even make a list. Finding the root of the stress is the first and necessary step to fixing the problem. For example, if you are suffering from insomnia and are tired the next day, think about what is causing it. Are you working at night after the children go to bed? If so, stop work earlier and find time to unwind and allow your brain to rest and regroup.

Make a Change

Once you find out the cause of the stress, think of ways to change. Using the above example, if you are unable to stop working too close to bedtime, perhaps finding more time in the morning will help. This will allow you to give your brain time to rest and get the sleep your body needs. Once you begin to make a change to get rid of unnecessary stress, do it for a few days to see if it has worked. It may take time to adjust. Either way, once the change is made, you will see a reduction in feeling overwhelmed.

Listen to Your Body

Our inner voice is usually right in many situations. Taking care of you is one of the most important things you can do to banish stress. Yes, you may have a lot of work to do, especially if you are just beginning a business on your own, but if your body is telling you to slow down, then do it. If you are feeling sluggish during the day, stop and take a fifteen minute power walk. If you are feeling under the weather, take time to rest and keep hydrated.

Know How to Cope

Research ways to deal with stressful situations as they pop up. Deep breathing techniques, listening to your favorite song, reading positive affirmations, closing your eyes and meditating, and many other ways to banish stress on the spot can help. If you have certain “go-to” ways to get immediate relief, have them ready for when sudden issues strike. Some people even have small bottles of aromatic oils to breathe in when they become stressed out; lavender or sandalwood aromas can really do the trick!

Lean on Someone

We all need someone to lean on from time to time. Finding people that have common schedules or others that have their own business will know how you are feeling. When you feel as if you are only treading water, get the support you need. There is no shame in asking for advice, spending time with another person who knows all too well what you are going through! And who knows? One day you will be the person someone comes to for advice!

Yes, owning your own business as a mom can be difficult at times. However, it is important to reflect on why you are doing what you are doing. Remember, there was a time when you said to yourself, “You know what? I want to do that!” Work stress is going to occur no matter what you do; dealing with it effectively will help you enjoy your job even more.

Dr. Melissa Mullins is a health and wellness coach dedicated to helping women who are dedicated to their family, career, education, and community. With these substantial responsibilities, Dr. Mullins helps women become successful at restoring balance in their demanding lives. She is a true motivator and an inspiration to many women.

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