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At The Age Of 25 Ariana Pierce Is Already A Serial Entrepreneur, And She’s Just Getting Started

Ariana Pierce started her first business at 13 years old. Now the founder of Superstar Nail Lacquer has her sights set on mentoring other millennials. She talks to Lioness about her start and why she never let her youth hold her back.

Being the founder of a company is impressive as it is, but doing it at the age of thirteen is unbelievable. Ariana Pierce has always had a knack and a passion for being an entrepreneur. In middle school, Pierce started a business called Billionheir Girls Club. She produced her own line of T-shirts and sold them to friends and classmates. Through this venture, Pierce gained a taste of what it was like to see her own creativity turn a profit. From that point on she had her eyes set on entrepreneurship.

When Pierce was 17 and preparing to graduate from high school, she wanted to turn her passion into a more mature business. Her mother, Stacia, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, had experience operating her own beauty store. Pierce turned to her for help when launching her next company, Superstar Nail Lacquer. As Pierce began her freshman year at Michigan State University, her mother turned the reigns over to her and gave Pierce full ownership of the nail business. As difficult as she found it to be, Pierce said it taught her endless lessons about how to run her a business and time management.

“Before I met with buyers interested in my product, I never disclosed I was 17 or 18 years old. My mindset was if you were interested in my product before you knew my age, you would still be interested now,” Pierce said.

In 2015, after studying abroad, she started her third business, Style and Travel Girl, which offers luxury travel goods. She now has her own line of stylish and trendy passport covers. “Being young and a woman of color were my main challenges, but I never used that as an excuse or let that stop me. If I hit a situation where I said ‘this is not working,’ I never gave up. I just pushed myself ten times harder to be better,” Pierce said.

She hopes to sell Superstar Nail Lacquer to a buyer and stay on as creative director, as she expands Style and Travel Girl internationally. Pierce and her mother have also teamed up to work on an online program called, Success Mastery, where they share their experiences as being entrepreneurs and help to coach people through the process. “My mom was a life coach. I joined on with her so I could reach out to millennials who have similar dreams as me,” Pierce said.

As the new author of “Superstar CHIC Fashion Journal,” Pierce wants to help women get empowered to set their goals and plan how they will outfit themselves for success.  

Pierce’s three tips for being a successful entrepreneur

  1. Always be a reader and learner.
  2. Have a positive mentor to learn from and to motivate you.
  3. Create a vision board to keep focused.

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Carling Willis is a Junior English/Communication major at Western New England University. She is an animal lover, coffee addict and extremely knowledgeable in the TV show The Office. Carling hopes that whatever her future career brings it involves being a positive, happy influence on others.

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