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Are You In Alignment With Your Big Picture Vision For Your Business?

Allison Maslan invites business owners to take the time to envision their ultimate success, then check in to see if the current track they have their company on matches up with where they ultimately want to be. Her method: taking a big picture look at your business.

“See where you stand with your vision by trying out an exercise,” says Maslan.

Choose your own setting and free yourself of distractions. All you need to bring is this list of questions, a pad of paper, and a couple of pens.

“Once you are situated and relaxed, free your mind and begin to answer the following questions quickly, as soon as the answer comes to you. Do not overthink the questions and do not edit your answers. Allow the words to flow directly from your mind onto the page. You want to tap deep into your ‘higher self’ to get a true read on where you want to be five years from now in your business. What comes up in your mind when you imagine your company’s growth five years into the future? It is critically important that you do not worry about ‘the how’ because any analyzing will stop your creative flow. The how will unfold over time, so let it go for this process. Write your answers in Maslan, present tense, as if five years into the future is happening now.”

  1. What are your daily and weekly schedules like?
  2. How are you spending your time?
  3. What is your current revenue?
  4. What do the operations of your company look like? How are they run?
  5. What added products and/or services have you produced and are now monetizing?
  6. What are you achieving with your marketing?
  7. What does the sales department of your company consist of?
  8. What has your branding accomplished?
  9. What is the media saying about you?
  10. What are you being recognized for? (Examples: awards, recognition, etc.)
  11. What does your team say about you?
  12. What are your clients saying about you?

“This is the ‘big picture vision’ of your business,” said Maslan. “What you intend to create. Now it’s time to start visualizing how this aligns with your company’s current reality.”

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