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Finding Funding

Alternative Funding Sources For Tech Startups

First Republic Bank will be hosting Anthony Millin, chair of NEXT, and other tech leaders to discuss Alternative Funding Sources for Tech Startups on July 30 at 2 p.m. EST.  

Other speakers include:

  • Neal Shenoy – CEO and Cofounder, HomerLearning
  • Anurag Pal – CEO, Escalon Services
  • Guy Kurlandski – Managing Partner, North America, Liquidity Capital

Join them for a live webinar to look into alternative funding sources beyond venture debt as your startup looks to reach the next milestone.

Register, here.


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  • I recently launched, an all-in-one relocation platform that offers all the possible services you may need for relocating abroad. And I was lucky enough to bootstrap most of all the development. But yes, many startups do need additional funding which can be a burden.

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