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All Female Photography Exhibit – She Got Aim

In an effort to honor the achievements of women in the arts, The Bishop Gallery will host an all female photography exhibit, on March 4, titled She Got Aim.
All Female Photography Exhibit - She Got Aim - Lioness Magazine
The Bishop Gallery Presents an All Female Photography Exhibit – She Got Aim. Pictured here, R&B crooner Maxwell. (PRNewsFoto/The Bishop Gallery)

In an effort to honor and highlight the achievements of women in the arts, The Bishop Gallery in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn will open its second exhibit of the year, on March 4, titled She Got Aim. The exhibit will feature approximately 20 works from three very talented,  yet extremely distinct photographers, in commemoration of Women’s History Month. Victoria Ford of Sneakshot, Brittani Sensabaughof Brittsense and Judy Mauer all capture unique moments in time, each with their own style and agenda.

Victoria Ford of Sneakshot credits her mom, music and fashion for her career as a photographer. This ubiquitous photog captures concerts and festivals featuring some of the world’s biggest stars in their element. The scope of her appreciation for music is so broad, she can be seen at concerts for soulful musicians like Bilal and heavy rockers like Marilyn Manson. When asked how she captures the right shot by interviewer Gerald Watson, Vicky responded, “To me there are no ‘right shots’; you are capturing moments, because my “right shot” might not be someone else’s, all that’s to say, trust your eye.”

Brittani Sensabaugh of Brittsense has set her eye on “documenting melanated people in forgotten areas” with her 222ForgottenCities movement. The East Oakland bred, self proclaimed documentarian, captures the essence of the people and neighborhoods the media has depicted negatively. She has traveled to the grittiest neighborhoods in Oakland, New York, Philly, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, and Watts, and plans to visit New Orleans. When asked about her work Brittani says, “Not only do I document the story, I document emotions they will never show. I make sure I document the reasons why things are happening this way.”

Judy Mauer knows how photography can capture life as it’s happening. After a long career as a radio producer and advertising exec, Judy left the corporate, creative life to become a photographer fulltime. Her speciality is capturing the duality of window images. In her shots, she merges the story of luxury, visual windows with its surrounding environment. The street photographer manages to combine the fashion and architecture art forms gracefully, in one image. What appears to be a doctored photo to some, is actually what Judy sees at the moment, and creates in real time with her camera. She devises a new narrative by fusing the inside and outside in one photo.

All Female Photography Exhibit - She Got Aim - Lioness Magazine
The Bishop Gallery Presents an All Female Photography Exhibit – She Got Aim (PRNewsFoto/The Bishop Gallery)

She Got Aim is a nod to the women in art and their significance to the evolution of the art world.  Erwin John, co-owner of The Bishop Gallery, exclaims, “a month isn’t nearly enough time to celebrate the significance of women in the arts. However, we felt the need to shine the spotlight on women in this industry, specifically photographers, as their images will tell our narratives for generations to come.”

The Bishop is a contemporary art gallery located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Launched in 2012, we offer an innovative, multimedia space, where the work of cutting-edge, emerging artists can be fully experienced, while connecting our growing community of art lovers and culture seekers, to the ever-expanding world of art.

Victoria Ford of Washington DC, Brittani Sensebaugh of Oakland, CA and Judy Mauer of New York City are working photographers. You can find out more about their works and travels on their websites,, and

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