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Actress/Singer Asia’h Epperson Talks Starring In ‘Greenleaf’ And ‘The Bobby Brown Story’

There is a cost to living out your dreams. While trying to live the lifestyle you want, you’re likely to face roadblocks that can deter you from reaching your highest desires. Those roadblocks come in numerous forms but the key is to take a different path and find an alternative route to get around them.

Actress/Singer Asia’h Epperson knows a thing or two about roadblocks. Aspiring to live Hollywood dreams at an early age, Epperson signed her first artist development deal at age 16. She then moved to Atlanta where she auditioned for the hit TV show, “American Idol,” twice. The first time around she was denied and the second time, she became a finalist on Season 7. Her musical talents were quickly noticed and she was signed to Def Jam Records, working with legendary producers Kenneth “Babyface” Edmunds and L.A. Reid. “It’s been a journey, a long road,” Epperson said. “But this is what I love to do so it’s just a part of it.”

Asia’h Epperson … From Recording Studio To Film Set

While climbing the ladder to stardom, the Joplin, Mo. native hit a roadblock. Epperson was a victim of a devastating car crash that resulted in her mouth being wired shut as well as needing to recover from other injuries. As she recovered, she met a manager who encouraged her to take a different role in the spotlight: acting. She soon auditioned for many roles, securing her first guest star appearance on TNT’s, “Murder in the First” and in the NWA biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.” Her big break was right around the corner after she auditioned for the Oprah Winfrey executive produced/co-starring series, “Greenleaf,” playing the trouble-starting Tasha Skanks, First Lady of Greenleaf’s rival church, Triumph.

“I don’t even think the writers, the network had any idea about the character of Tasha Skanks,” Epperson recalled. Epperson says that playing a character like Tasha Skanks is a lot of fun because she has many depths to her, making the role more interesting. “When I originally auditioned for this role, it was supposed to be a one episode, possible reoccurring. And now here I am on the second season and the character just grew and developed.”

The popular show, airing Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. (EST) on OWN, takes you through the drama-filled scandals surrounding a fictional family whose patriarch is the bishop of a Memphis megachurch. Even though the show is a jaw-dropper, it has been met with strong opinions about the black church and how it is being portrayed. While Epperson says she welcomes the criticism, she thinks the show also bares the truth about what goes on and is proud the conversation has started. “People can call it a stigma but its real,” Epperson said. “Us as African-Americans, we have that thing where you have to be a certain way to go to church.”

The Bobby Brown Story

The 30-year-old actress has a way of playing badass women on camera. In addition to”Greenleaf,” Epperson can currently be seen in the miniseries biopic of the bad boy of R&B, Bobby Brown in BET Network’s, “The Bobby Brown Story,” capturing what happened as the former New Edition bandmate ventured in a solo career. The two-part series premieres tonight.

“Bobby Brown was on set every single day,” Epperson said. “We really got to sit in and get the real inside scoop of what was going on.” Epperson plays Kim Ward, the high school sweetheart of Brown for 14 years and mother of two of his children, a character she says no one likes. “She was the woman that nobody knows about, the hometown girl that he just couldn’t get away from. She was the one that he (Bobby) left for Whitney,” Epperson said. “She never had a voice and I’m happy that I get to bring her to life and now people know who she is.” Brown was very thorough in making sure Epperson knew what type of woman Kim was back then while on set, coaching her to make sure she got it right. “He walks in the first time I meet him, and I introduce myself and he says ‘you’re playing Kim?’” Epperson recounted. “Once we sat for a while and he saw me in action, he goes, ‘now I see why. You got that fire.’”

A firm believer in taking care of ones’ body and health, the licensed massage therapist is taking a much-needed relaxation break but once she is finished, Epperson is looking forward to the world hearing more of her voice through music. “I’ll be getting back into the studio this year and hopefully putting out a project next year,” Epperson said. “Acting has kind of taken over my life for the past two years so I’m just ready to get back in and see where I am creatively and see what comes out.”

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