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8 ‘Keep It Real’ Tips To Block The BS From F*cking Up Your Confidence

When it comes to coaching, Lioness CEO Dawn Leaks is known for her candid, “keep it real” accountability. A certified life coach, speaker and trainer, over the years Leaks has given female entrepreneurs countless advice and lessons on clarity and intention. Here are eight of her bold, “keep it real” coaching tips to block the bullshit, force you to woman up and do the inner work so you can maintain your confidence.

Start making it so you don’t have to fake it.

At its best, the “Fake it ‘til you make it” phrase can inspire forward movement. At its worst, it can turn into something more nefarious. The most dangerous place to be with this phrase, though, is somewhere in the middle – a sort of purgatory where you find yourself in limbo between action and complete fallacy. It’s a place of posturing, keeping up with the Joneses, and leading people to believe that you have way more customers, money and success than you really do. The most damaging part, is most times, you end up fooling yourself.

Celebrate yourself.

For some reason, it’s way easier for women to criticize themselves than to celebrate or even sometimes to simply admit an achievement. Yet, it’s the acknowledgment and celebration of successes that builds confidence and provides motivation. 

Feel the success before it arrives.

Are you working from a place of struggle or a place of success? Being committed to your reality can deter you from the true reality you desire. Even before you reach your goals, how you operate each day heavily affects whether you’ll reach your goals, and how long it will take for you to get there.

Get rid of the start over mentality.

A lapse, mistake or failure does not erase the progress you’ve made up to that point. Let’s say you’re taking a road trip from Massachusetts to Florida and you get a flat tire in New Jersey. You wouldn’t say, “this trip is a failure. I have to start all over again.” You’ve already driven the miles; they weren’t erased because you got a flat tire. You’d just call AAA or fix the tire yourself and keep going. So, make the necessary adjustments and keep going on your life’s journey and your goals.

Inspire yourself.

Even in the midst of grinding toward our goal, we have to make time for the things that rejuvenate us and inspire us. What gives you life? Take a moment to make a list of the things that bring you the most joy and passion. Then make a plan to incorporate these things into your life on a regular basis.

It doesn’t just all happen at one time overnight.

We live in a time where we can “have it all.” It’s cool to have it all and having it all seems to be a reflection of our ability to multitask or to be successful. However, If you listen to successful people, I mean really listen to their stories, it becomes clear that while they may have it all now, they did not get it all at the same time.

The right circle is a tight circle.

Bring a few trusted advisors into your confidence but make your own decisions.

Be a good steward of your vision.

The concept of stewardship is essential for entrepreneurs. Being a good steward of your vision will help you overcome some of those intangible obstacles that can slow your forward progress.

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