6 Tips To Help Women Entrepreneurs Blog Effectively

Here are 6 tips for women entrepreneurs for blogging with purpose to create more “wins” for your company:

Blogging With Purpose: How to Create Wins For Your Company

imageBlogging is one of the most beneficial things a business can do for their company. As a source of information that gives customers, clients, and followers a reason to check back in on your website, your blog has the power to turn website visitors into loyal customers or clients.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes advantage of all that blogging can offer. If you’re not blogging effectively, you could be missing out on all the things that a strong blog post can do for you.

To get serious about your blogging, here are 6 tips for women entrepreneurs for blogging with purpose to create more “wins” for your company:

1. Know Your Audience

The people who read your blog determine how well your company is doing. If your blog audience is not the same as your target customer base, you’re sure to feel disjointed. You need to pay attention to who your audience actually is, what they’re looking for, and what information you can provide them with.

Read their social media posts, check which blogs are getting the most attention, and send out surveys or evaluations if you need to. Pull your new topic ideas based on what information they need, not what you want to write.

2. Don’t Sell

Your blog is not the place to put a sales pitch. Instead, your blog should act as a platform where customers or potential customers can go to get more information or get a better understanding of what you can provide. It should not feel pushy or salesy, but rather promotional and helpful.

If you’re promoting a product, describe what that product can do for a buyer, when it would be useful, and how it can be used. This background information will get them more prepared to purchase when the correct time comes. When reading a blog, people want to be informed (and entertained) and want to find the solution to a problem.

3. Put Your Posts Out There

Very few blogs have enough of a following that they don’t need to alert readers when a new post is up. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t one of the few who can get away without some kind of share. If you want people to read your new blog posts, you need to let them know when or where they can do so.

The best place to share your new post is on your social media accounts. As a quick and easy way to let your fan base know there is new content posted, social media is great for gauging reactions and receiving new shares from loyal readers.

4. Know Your Stuff

If you try to create a blog post about something you know nothing about or is extremely generic, your audience is going to be able to tell. You’ll probably ramble, not make clear points, and your readers won’t make it to the end of the post. Not only can this be damaging for your online reputation but it can also hurt your SEO efforts.

Instead of trying to reach too far out of your comfort zone, talk about things you know or topics that you’ve researched extensively. If you really want to put up a post about a new topic, consider having a guest post from an expert.

5. Use Your SEO Strategy

One of the biggest benefits for a blog is how it can contribute to a company’s SEO strategy. As the easiest way to consistently add new content to your site, blogging gives you a space to implement your keywords and appeal to search engines.

Optimizing a blog post for a search engine may take some effort, but the return is worth it if done correctly. You’ll need to use keywords and variants thereof throughout your content, but only where it is helpful and makes sense in context. Linking to other applicable and helpful articles in your post can also have a big impact with the reader. Having a featured image on your post with alternative text can also help your post appear in image searches. Please understand that on-page SEO is a great place to start, but there are many other factors when it comes to ranking.

6. Don’t Give Up

Blogging is important but you probably aren’t going to see the benefit after your first post. This doesn’t mean you should shut down your blog and call it quits. You will want to keep up with your blog if you really want to see the benefit it can bring.

With each blog post that you put up, look at how it compares to the post before. Are you getting new attention? Has your readership gone up? What did you do differently to bring in new readers? As you post more and more, you should see a steady increase in followers and visitors.

Don’t waste your time with a blog that is inefficient. With these six tips, your blog will have a purpose and your business will reap the benefits.
Robert Mening has been interested in technology and the web since he can remember. A web developer and designer since 2004, he created WebsiteSetup; a website he has dedicated to helping people learn what they need to setup their own websites

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