35 Things Every Woman Should Know Or Have By The Time She Turns 40

We'll never have it all figured out. Life is about the journey. But who are we kidding? There are some things every woman should know or have by age 40.

We’ll never have it all figured out. Life is about the journey. But who are we kidding? There are some things a girl should at least know by the time she’s 40. Here are 35 Things Every Woman Should Know Or Have By The Time She Turns 40:

  1. Don’t ignore your debt. Take practical steps to chip away at it, even if you have to set up a miniscule payment plan. Companies are far more forgiving when you are proactive.
  2. A woman over 40 should never step out of the house with bare lips. Add a little gloss or a little lipstick or a tinted lip balm. Look like you’ve put in some effort.
  3. If you’re pressed for time, spritz a little Febreze on your clothes to work out the wrinkles.
  4. To ice your coffee quickly without watering it down, use one of your water bottle ice sticks.
  5. Have a reliable mechanic.
  6. Own a wrench, screwdriver and hammer.
  7. Have an email address with no numbers or cute monikers in it.
  8. Learn how to change a tire.
  9. Keep a pair of flats or flip flops in the trunk of your vehicle at all times.
  10. Know how to give yourself a decent manicure.
  11. Always keep an updated resume, bio and headshot.
  12. These two women should be in your circle: a knowledgeable woman who also works in your industry and an older professional woman who can give you candid advice.
  13. A rainy day fund with actual money in it.
  14. Know your local government officials and what seats they hold.
  15. Enjoy your own company.
  16. Have a go-to hairstyle and outfit that makes you feel like a lioness.
  17. Know your public event drink limit.
  18. A portfolio of your best work (should include successful projects, press clippings, thank you letters and accolades).
  19. A close friend or relative you can use your ugly cry face with.
  20. How to get your point across without being nasty.
  21. Know when to laugh certain situations off and when to stand your ground.
  22. Master the art of self-reflection.
  23. At least one dish you can cook really well.
  24. One album that you love and can play from start to finish without skipping a song.
  25. How to openly and respectfully communicate with your significant other.
  26. Regularly examine your breasts to know how they normally feel so you can immediately spot any changes.
  27. Know the difference between Michelle Williams (singer formerly of the hit group Destiny’s Child) and Michelle Williams (actress who once starred with late lover Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain).
  28. How to hit the dance floor when it’s empty.
  29. Being able to navigate the streets of your city like the back of your hand.
  30. Create ethical standards and personal goals for your life and pursue them unapologetically.
  31. Treat yourself to one quality piece of jewelry.
  32. What it’s like to be kissed so thoroughly your knees shake.
  33. How to ask for a raise.
  34. The difference between top-shelf alcohol and the cheap stuff.
  35. Where you want to be in the next five years and how you plan on getting there.



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