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3 Money Beliefs That Hold Women Entrepreneurs Back From Growing Their Business

Many women entrepreneurs do not relate to their ability to make great money. They relate to squeezing by or coming up with money in the last minute.

In coaching women entrepreneurs to transform their relationship with money in their business, marriage and life, I’ve noticed that there are three common money beliefs that consistently come up that contribute to stress, struggle and overwhelm and ultimately cause them to stay stuck at their current income level.

Belief #1. “I’m not good at making money.”

This was a big belief that held me back for years in my business. I didn’t relate to being a powerful money creator. I could only relate to managing money – not creating it.

I knew that whatever small amount of money I had coming in I could pinch and scrimp to make it work out. I would spend less, choose a cheap dinner when going out to eat with friends, forgo buying clothing – anything to make ends meet. I was a magician when it came to making money stretch.

Many women entrepreneurs do not relate to their ability to make great money. They relate to squeezing by, or coming up with money in the last minute when they get stressed out enough or it becomes a crisis.

How you can begin to shift this belief:

To begin shifting this belief ask yourself: “What would it feel like to be a powerful money creator?” And… “If I were a powerful money creator what would I be doing?” I guarantee you’ll feel some discomfort at first, but eventually you’ll begin to relate with BEING a powerful money creator.

Belief #2. “I have to have everything figured out before I put myself ‘out there’ in a big way.”

Women entrepreneurs too often feel like they have to have everything figured out before they begin promoting themselves.

There are countless tasks to accomplish in our businesses – it’s actually a never-ending list! We have to figure out what kind of client’s we want to work with, what our specialty is going to be, get our website up a running, learn how to generate leads… on and on it goes.

How you can begin shifting this belief:

It’s not true that we have to wait until we’ve got every aspect of our business figured out before we begin putting ourselves out there. If we believe this we only get more waiting. We need to put ourselves out there and begin making money NOW, while giving ourselves the opportunity to tweak our business as we progress.

We’ll get invaluable information and insight about our businesses if we’re willing to get into action now and start tweaking our business while moving forward.

Belief #3. “I’m too overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in my business and my personal life, and I don’t know where to focus.”

This is a huge challenge, especially when you’re juggling another job or you have a family to take care of. There are endless things to do. I know when I became a mom I seriously thought I was going to stop working for a couple of years.

However, after becoming a mother I realized that I knew I was meant to be both an amazing mom and make an even greater difference in my business.

How you can begin shifting this belief:

Start with knowing that it’s possible to have a rich life and a thriving business, regardless of how busy or full your life seems. My son is 21 months old and my business and free time both have tripled over the last couple of years. In order to begin shifting this belief you have to get very committed to living, loving and working richly. It literally starts with making this commitment to yourself and then getting the support you need to move out of overwhelm.

Leslie-Cunningham_43904Award-Winning Small Business Mentor and Teamwork expert, Leslie Cunningham is an international author, columnist, radio personality and former talk show radio host. She is also one of the leading experts in empowering small business owners to double their sales and create outrageous results with their teams. For more on Leslie, visit impactandprofits.com.

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