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2022 ParityLIST Recognizes Organizations that Support Women’s Advancement in the Workplace

43 companies are recognized for providing their workforce with supportive benefits, policies and programs.

Parity.Org announced the third annual Parity.Org Best Companies for Women to Advance List, also known as the ParityLIST. Forty-three companies made the 2022 list, including Airbnb, Best Buy, Blue Shield of California, Domo, Nasdaq, PepsiCo, Ralph Lauren Corporation and The Clorox Company. The ParityLIST was established by Parity.Org in 2020 to recognize organizations that have policies, benefits and programs that eliminate barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace.

Women make up nearly half (48 percent) of the total workforce, but executive teams are still overwhelmingly composed of white men—67 percent. Closing this gap is a complex problem, but some companies are ready to tackle these issues by taking the steps that can lead to real change.

Words from leadership

“Parity in leadership is crucial, but we know representation alone is not enough—we must create conditions intentionally designed to support women’s ambitions, well-being and freedoms,” said Roseann Lynch, Chief People Officer at Ralph Lauren Corporation and Head of the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation. “A world of equal opportunity means enabling all who identify as women to go as far as they dream.”

“Intentionality is crucial in driving change and making progress toward a more diverse slate of leaders across the corporate landscape,” said Cathrin Stickney, Parity.Org founder and CEO. “Last year, 93 percent of honorees reported that they had a specific equal-pay plan in place – and 45% had already successfully reached pay parity. This year, there’s cause to celebrate—roughly the same percentage had a plan in place, but a full 72 percent have now reached pay parity. We have seen that being intentional pays off!”

About companies on the list

Companies on the 2022 ParityLIST regularly measure and report to the executive team on gender equality metrics (88 percent), communicate their gender-equality values to employees (86 percent), offer flexible working hours (98 percent), encourage men to take their full family leave (95 percent), have a zero-tolerance harassment policy (98 percent) and provide a safe complaint system for employees (100 percent), among other supportive benefits. Thirty-one percent of the companies have an executive team that is at least 50 percent women—up from 21 percent of companies on the list last year. Ninety-one percent of the companies require recruiters to include at least one qualified woman on candidate slates for executive positions reporting to the CEO and 84 percent of the companies conduct an annual assessment for managerial women’s career progression.

The full 2022 ParityLIST, arranged by organizational size, includes:

Large (>5,000 employees)

Blue Shield of California
Best Buy
Deutsche Bank
Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue)
Ralph Lauren Corporation
The Clorox Company

Medium (500-4,999 employees)

Advisor Group
Bowery Farming
Evolent Health
Guild Education
Lucid Software
Recorded Future
Satellite Healthcare, Inc.
Skillz Inc.

Small (<500 employees)

Aetion Inc.
b.well Connected Health
BehaVR, Inc.
Davinci Virtual
dbt Labs
Janani Life
Leena AI
Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
Sports Innovation Lab
Suma Wealth, Inc
United Way of Salt Lake
Very, LLC
Little Otter
Sēkr, Inc.

Companies were rated on a comprehensive rubric covering recruiting, promotion, compensation practices, leadership representation and specific benefits and policies that collectively help companies achieve gender parity. The ParityLIST is an initiative of Parity.Org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on bringing gender and racial equality to the highest levels of business.

About Parity.Org

Parity.Org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender and racial gap in corporate leadership, where the gap is the widest. We take a pragmatic and research-based approach, offering a range of proven best practices and industry-leading tools for not only reaching—but sustaining—parity in leadership. Learn more at Parity.Org.

About the ParityLIST

Parity.Org established the Best Companies for Women to Advance List in 2020, to recognize organizations that have benefits, policies and programs that are particularly beneficial for women to advance in the workplace. After being rated on a comprehensive number of attributes and quantitative metrics, 43 companies have been named to this year’s list.

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