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13 Tips and Tricks for Outstanding Branding and Logos

Your branding says everything about your company. Make sure that your presentation is perfect with this guide.

When it comes to running a business, two of the most important marketing factors are branding and logos. Your audience’s immediate impression about your company stems from what they see first – your branding and logo. With that in mind, how do you tailor the perfect image for you and your business? Continue reading for some great insight from successful female entrepreneurs on where to start and what to do.

How to get started:

  • Marin Richardson, Founder of Disrupt PR: “When it comes to creating a logo, don’t overthink it. One could spend years coming up with a concept or even, thousands of dollars. But the most important aspect of starting a business is, well, starting it!”
  • Jodie Kieliszewski, founder of Bee Lovely Botanicals: “I started a Pinterest board of everything that I liked and made a list of words that are associated with my brand. Eventually, a style became evident. I made the first rendition of our logo myself, then paid a graphic designer to bring it up to snuff.”
  • Tina Calder, founder of Excalibur Press: “When it comes to creating a brand logo, it’s important to understand that this is just one small aspect of your business’s whole brand.”

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Tips for logos:

  • Tina Calder, founder of Excalibur Press: “Firstly, ensure your logo can be translated into horizontal and square shapes. Secondly, make sure you have different variations such as white on transparent background as well as your standard full-color logo.”
  • Lattice Hudson, founder of Lattice & Co.: “A brand logo may be regarded as a firm’s face, and it’s frequently the very first thing a potential buyer notices about your business. A logo isn’t just a picture, it’s an illustration; it serves as a crucial basis for your business aesthetic and branding. Consumers create opinions about a business from their very first impression. A well-designed logo is a simple way to communicate to prospective and potential customers that your firm is competent, dependable and able to deliver high-quality items or the finest customer experience.”

Tips for branding:

Here are three helpful tips from Krista Bussi, founder of Bobbey:

  1. “Always keep your target audience in mind and how they would relate to your color choices and language.”
  2. “Your business is essentially an extension of you, so inject yourself and your personality into the branding as well. You’re going to be looking at it all day, so you want to like it.”
  3. “Look at your competitors and see what their branding looks like. It could be wise to differentiate yourself through branding.”

Helpful services and resources:

  • Ami Gangemella, founder of Ami On Cloud Wine, recommends using the free website Coolers to generate a color pallet.
  • Liz Benditt, President of The Balm Box, suggests that you work with a graphic designer and come up with a vision board together for your branding and logos.
  • Jodie Kieliszewski, founder of Bee Lovely Botanicals: “For my second company, I hosted a contest on 99designs. I can’t recommend that process enough! It cost somewhere around $350, and I ended up with over 100 submissions for my new logo.”
  • Lattice Hudson, founder of Lattice & Co.: “I hired a single freelance graphic designer for the logo and another team for branding. This way, I had multiple perspectives and great minds working on bringing my vision of simplicity to life.”
  • Saskia Ketz, CEO of Mojomox: “The Mojomox brand identity builder allows users to easily create a basic wordmark, or a logo made with a brand name in a modern and clean font, and get a custom color palette based on best practices of color theory. With this simple and affordable brand kit, you can reallocate energy into the critical work of figuring out what your business is all about.”

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