Debra Chen Slides By Lioness To Talk, ‘Beauty On The Grind’

Posted on October 5, 2016 by Lioness Staff

Debra Chen Slides By Lioness To Talk, 'Beauty On The Grind' - Lioness MagazineAs female entrepreneurs we know that looking good makes us feel good, but some morning finding time for beauty when we’re in a mad dash can be tough. Today Vanity + Trade founder Debra Chen talks about how she does beauty on the grind.

Check out her thoughts and her latest beauty post for women-on-the-go:

“I’m currently eight months pregnant and chasing after a two-year-old. If that doesn’t sound exhausting, throw in a full-time gig and a 5-9 hustle, and it’s no wonder I feel my skin going through all the un-glorifying effects of hormones and stress.

“A girlfriend of mine suggested argan oil but after doing tremendous amounts of research, I came across jojoba oil and became even more confused with a plethora of natural oils which all seemed to have useful and unique functionalities …”

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