10 Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Natasha Zena

10 Resources For Women Entrepreneurs - Lioness MagazineStarting a company takes a lot of work and we can all use as much help as we can get it. Last month we had a discussion with our Lioness Membership about important resources to assist them with common areas of need. As women continue to launch businesses at historic rates, Lioness is sharing 10 resources for women entrepreneurs to add to their arsenal for the new year.

  1. Circular Board

It’s a collaborative 90-day online accelerator program. We know women have less access to capital and resources to really scale and turn our startups and businesses into empires. And we know that accelerators give us a leg up to do that. So it’s a no brainer if you’re a woman who is launching a startup, to get involved in an accelerator and working with one dedicated to women is icing on the cake. It’s run 3 times a year – mentorship, peer advisory and access to capital. Nominate someone or apply. Annual Summit in Texas. March 30-31, 2017. thecircularboard.com.

  1. Buzzsumo.com

Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. For example, go to the website plug in “electric cars” and then buzzsumo shows me the popularity of that keyword on social media outlets, which of my competitors are known for that topic, who are the influencers on that subject and more. Helps you find your audience. You can only do a few free searches per day or you can sign up for a free trial. Pay options for nitty gritty work. buzzsumo.com

  1. Hubspot Marketing Grader

This is the go-to site to evaluate your website and its performance. For free, it will evaluate its speed, load time, SEO, mobile functions – everything – and spit it back out to you in an instant report complete with how each section scored and what you need to do to fix any problems. website.grader.com

  1. OnMogul.com

OnMogul focuses on women and career but also lifestyle and explore popular topics. They offer Mogul Courses which provide guidance across subjects such as Career, Education, Engineering, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Beauty, Fitness, Relationships, Cuisine and Travel. Each Course includes 12 lessons that feature insider tips and resources and allow for self-evaluation utilizing assessment quizzes and guided homework. For every course purchased, Mogul distributes the Courses to communities in need for free through various partners such as JPMorgan, Dress for Success, Wharton Women in Business, and others. OnMogul.com 

  1. FotoJet

For those entrepreneurs who cannot afford a marketing person but need to make professional pieces, this website is magnificent.  Create posters, social media outlet covers, magazine covers and more. Easy to use and zero to minimum costs for stock images. Fotojet.com

  1. BIG Accelerator

First accelerator aimed at women of color. The BIG accelerator is a 4-month world class tech accelerator program that provides training in start-up methodologies, access to 100+ powerhouse mentors, office space for up to a year, an open door to digitalundivided’s alumni network of women of color Founders, and possible seed funding from Maya Venture’s Harriet Angel Syndicate. Learn more at digitalundivided.com.

  1. Accion

At Accion (a global nonprofit), their vision is to build a financially inclusive world – one in which every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Whether you’re interested in a particular aspect of microfinance, impact investing or financial literacy, they invite you to explore the different areas of their work and join their efforts to build a world with access to economic opportunity for all. – low income clients have access to quality financial services. www.accion.org

  1. PRlog

Prlog is a simple place to distribute small press releases for free. You can create your own little profile and it will back log all of your press releases. Now you can also do video press releases. In addition, business directory, job listings and expert directory. www. prlog.org

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Get logo design, marketing services, whiteboards and more, starting from only $5. We know as entrepreneurs – especially those of us in the early stage or in the transition process to a sustainable business – we can’t always afford an employee or to contract services, so this allows you to find really affordable help. If you’re looking for project help, you can search by your type of need – help with a social media campaign, writing, graphic design – you can check out that person’s reviews and then start from there. fiverr.com

  1. LionessMagazine.com

Because we do a digital monthly edition where we house our big features and we also do daily news, a lot of information gets pumped through the site regularly. We want to improve your experience using the site. Daily news item – think about one thing for the day. It might be marketing, it might be finance, it might be an entrepreneur with important advice. Here’s one thing to move your business forward. News gets uploaded to Lioness 3x per day – we do a weekly roundup on Fridays. One post of heres everything we told you this week that matters. Some people sign up to get that weekly roundup in their inbox others check it right on the website. Use our search bar to find the help you need. Tags are everything at Lioness. i.e. “Finding Funding.” Any article with funding pops up. Technology tab. It’ll pull up all tech stories but each story right on the front in pink will have its section tag – social media, apps and software. www.LionessMagazine.com


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About Natasha Zena

Around age eight Natasha Zena was told it was a woman’s job to take care of the home and since then she has built a career out of telling women they can do whatever the hell they want. Founding partner of Lioness, the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs, the former news reporter has created a platform to educate, elevate and support female entrepreneurs. In addition to publishing and hosting events for women, Natasha enjoys spending time with her teenage son, Shaun.

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