Weekly Round Up (May 2 – May 6): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women

It's Friday and you know what that means? Here's a mashup of all of the startup news we told you this week that matters. Get your weekly roundup.

Weekly Round Up (May 2 – May 6): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women - Lioness MagazineDid you miss a day or two of startup news this week? Did you forget some tips you wanted to implement at your startup? It happens. You’re out there trying to rule the world for crying out loud. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice you should know:

Things To Add To Your To-Do List

  1. Do you have a solid strategy down for getting new clients? As business owners we know that we are always chasing our tails, so to speak, always in pursuit of getting paid and landing our next gig. We take you on the pursuit.
  2. Have you ever had to moderate a panel for a conference? Panels can be tricky. They can be either a highlight of the meeting or a lowlight. Patricia Fripp tells us how to do it right.

Things To Meditate On

  1. There is a fine line between being blind and being determined. Entrepreneurs often fall on either side of that line often. Where do you fall? Are you ignoring good advice because the truth hurts? Get the cold, hard facts.
  2. As startup founders we bootstrap everything. Are you considering ways to make residual income? Real estate might be a great investment. Stefani Markowitz allows us to take a peek behind the professional curtain.

What Your Peers Were Doing This Week

  1. The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts will host Women Lead Change: a Celebration of the 2016 Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact class.
  2. Paige Billiot has launched Flawless Affect to foster a creative outlet for individuals to celebrate and shed light on their ‘flaws’.

Last But Not Least (some empowerment)

Life is about making strides – strides in our happiness, in our fulfillment and, if we’re going to keep it real, in the low, low valleys that sometimes feel like quicksand. It’s not about how fast we get to the other side, it’s that we attempt to even get there. So many of us give up because the going gets tough and the clear road becomes foggy. Have faith and trust you will make it to the other side, but it requires that you keep walking – one foot at a time.